Hole In the Wall Coffee Shops: SLC Style

Feeling those midterm blues sneak up on you? Well don’t be depresso, have an espresso! Listed below are my favorite places in Salt Lake City to get a good cup of joe to chase all of your midterm woes away.


Campos Coffee

Picture Credit: Tristyn Page (Iced Mocha)


Campos Coffee is located in the downtown district, right down the alley from the Copper Common. The alleyway may look a little shady, but I promise you it is worth the trip. Their Salt Lake location, as well as the Campos in Park City, are the only two restaurants outside of Australia. Quoting their website, “Quality Coffee Cultivated by Good is the belief that coffee only tastes good when it’s made ethically and with care. It’s the simple truth our business is built on.” Campos works directly with the producers and cafes to create long lasting partnerships furthering their passion for “Quality Coffee Cultivated by Good”. Their menu ranges from the normal find of Lattes and Cold Brews, to their Australian Iced Coffee that is too good to be true. An Iced Latte is poured over house made ice cream and whipped cream to create a delightfully thick Latte. Not a coffee fan? That’s okay because Campos also offers an extensive “Art of Tea” menu for every tea lover. So take a trip down to 228 S Edison St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111 for a new coffee experience.


Caffe D’Bolla

Photo Credit: Caffe D’Bolla

Caffe D’Bolla is located just across the street from the Salt Lake City Public Library, and offers an array of drinks. The shop prides itself on being Salt Lake City’s first artisan roaster and siphon coffee bar. A bit of coffee history for those who are completely lost, Siphon coffee originally dates back to the 1800’s and used vacuums and pressure instead of boiling the coffee. There are two chambers, one is filled with water, and when heated, vapor pressure forces the water to rise into the upper chamber and mixes with the coffee grounds. There are multiple beans to choose from on the menu at Caffe D’Bolla, you can view as the owner, John Piquet, begins the brewing process and explains the best way to actually drink the coffee (there is a technique to it). While you sit back and relax with your finely brewed cup of coffee, enjoy the classical music and become the true coffee snob you were meant to be.


Alchemy Coffee


Picture Credit: Paige Wiren, Utahstories.com


Alchemy Coffee is a laid back joint that also has an affinity for the Grateful Dead and hard rock. Like the Alchemists of old, the baristas weave their magic, and turn your coffee into pure gold. I recommend the Flat White with Antipodean origin beans with a lemon blueberry scone, a perfect combination for all your rainy days coffee cravings.


Are you ready yet?

Now that you know the difference between regular coffee and Siphon coffee, normal Lattes and Australian Lattes, you can soon title yourself as a Coffee Connoisseur. So get out there and try these hidden gems in Salt Lake City, you won’t regret it.