Higher Brothers Release Killer New Album

The Higher Brothers have finally released their highly anticipated album. On Feb. 22nd, they dropped Five Stars, a 14-track album featuring Rich Brian, Soulja Boy, ScHoolboy Q and more. 

Originating from Chengdu, the Higher Brothers are part of a much larger rap collective called CDC (Chengdu City Rap House). The members consist of Psy.P, MaSiWei, DZknow, and Melo. Many Chinese people try to leave their hometown dialects behind when they leave for bigger cities, but Higher Brothers stand out by merging their native drawl of a Sichuanese dialect into their music. Even though provinces like Beijing and Shanghai have a longer rap history, Higher Brothers have long left them behind and risen to a new level.

Just two hours before the album launch, they tweeted out from 88Rising’s account a reflection for how far they’ve come. The group started out with “living in one room together with nothing at all -- and not knowing any English” to having a 31.6K following on Twitter, over 10 million views on Youtube and becoming part of the 88Rising Media family. 

They released their first album, Black Cab in 2017. They hit the jackpot with their songs, “Made in China” and “Franklin” garnering attention from thousands of fans worldwide. This is their second album.

Five Stars is a solid album. Consisting of 14 tracks, each song differs from the other. The album starts out with strong beats and as it nears the end, the songs become more melodic. I would recommend giving ‘Diamond’ and ‘Flexing So Hard’ a listen. Higher Brothers are also touring the U.S. and Europe until Sept. 14th, 2019. With everything they have achieved in this short period of time, it’s exciting to watch what they have in store for the future. 

Check out their album on Spotify today! 

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