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Hey, Check Out These 5 Black-Owned Restaurants in Utah

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

If you clicked on this article, I would assume two things: first, you enjoy food, and second, you want to support Black-owned businesses. So do I! That is why I decided to find some restaurants here in Utah that we can purchase meals from to support the wonderful members of the Black community and the delicious food they make. There are many Black-owned businesses in Utah, and you can easily find them with the help of the internet. But right now, you might as well give this article a quick read to discover new restaurants to try while supporting members of the Black community at the same time! 

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Diversion Social Eatery

Diversion Social Eatery is an American restaurant in Salt Lake City. Their menu includes burgers, salads, tacos, and more. Owners Jen and Ryan “have worked hard to create a place where all people feel safe and can find something on the menu to match their tastes.” (@/diversion_social_eatery on Instagram.) Based on their 4 and ½ stars on Yelp, it is safe to say that customers are certainly able to find something to match their tastes as Jen and Ryan hoped. 

Joe’s Cafe

Joe’s Cafe is another nearly 5-star rated restaurant that has a menu with food for everyone’s tastes. Owner Joe Hicks opened Joe’s Cafe in 2009 and it has been thriving since with their menu that consists of “a variety of classic breakfast and lunch plates with a southern twist” (joescafeorem.com) If you’re ever hungry in the city of Orem, head over to Joe’s for a meal that will surely be satisfying. 

11 Hauz

11 Hauz is owned by a Black woman with a delightful story as to where she got the inspiration to open her own restaurant. According to the 11 Hauz website, Sheron Grant, a partner and head chef of 11 Hauz, grew up in Jamaica and loved watching her grandmother, Florence, cook meals. Inspired and “blessed with Florence’s authentic family recipes and a delicious touch of her own” (11hauz.com,) Sheron chose to share the food she enjoyed so much growing up. And she was right to do so because others enjoy it too! Instead of ordering pizza tonight, try 11 Hauz’s classic jerk chicken or their “Jamaican Treasure!”

Sauce Boss Kitchen 

Sauce Boss Kitchen is a cozy restaurant in Draper, Utah that serves delicious southern comfort food. Owner and head chef Julius Thompson “promises [to] continue to use [his] passion of cooking and creating sauces to please palates and bring those much needed smiles to everyone’s faces” (saucebosssouthernkitchen.com.) Based on the rave reviews from satisfied customers, Sauce Boss Kitchen is worth a visit. 

Lovee’s Cakes 

If you happen to be searching for a birthday cake, wedding cake, cupcakes, or cookies, check out Lovee’s Cakes. Debbie Glanton, the owner of Lovee’s, decided to open her own bakery after spending some time selling homemade cakes and other desserts from her kitchen. Debbie sells custom cakes, cupcakes, and cookies for every occasion. The Lovee’s Cakes website allows easy access to an inquiry form where customers can quickly send in a request for whatever dessert they’d like. You can choose the flavor and design of the dessert of your choice, and no matter what you pick, you can’t go wrong! 

Knowing about these places that are owned by Black men and women means you also know of more ways to support the Black Lives Matter movement. By eating at one of these restaurants or buying your next occasion cake from Lovee’s, you’re giving the well-deserved attention to hard-working members of the Black community and their creations. Plus, the kind of support that involves tasting good food is the kind of support that no one can decline!

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