Her Campus Utah's 2018-2019 Council

In March of this year, Her Campus Utah elected their 2018-2019 Council. These 12 women have huge plans for the chapter and couldn't be more excited for the coming year. While you may see some familiar faces, here are some things you might not have known about these student leaders!

Kim Davison - President

Year: Junior

Majors: Strategic Communication and Theatre Studies

Fun fact: Her favorite animal is a whale and she makes a killer whale noise!

Favorite article she’s written: Is it a Crime to Love Crime Shows?


Kiana Opre - Editor-in-Chief

Year: Junior

Majors: English, Gender Studies

Fun fact: She’s a dual American and Canadian citizen! “But let’s be real, Canada really is just second America.”

Favorite article she’s written: Let’s Talk About Pretty Privilege


Emily Smith - Senior Editor

Year: Junior

Major: Nursing

Fun fact: She’s broken her nose four times!

Favorite article she’s written: These Are Not the Feminists You’re Looking For


Allyson Berri - Editor

Year: Sophomore

Majors: Political Science and Economics

Fun fact: She’s obsessed with podcasts!

Favorite article she’s written: Female Sexuality is Not Equivalent to Immorality


Emmaly Anderson - Editorial Assistant

Year: Freshman

Majors: Gender Studies and Communication

Fun fact: She loves Japanese rock music!

Favorite article she’s written: How Dating Men Made Me Realize I Like Women


Ailish Harris - Director of Events

Year: Sophomore

Major: Theatre Studies

Fun fact: She doesn’t have a gallbladder!

Favorite article she’s written: Silver Screen Spuds: Call me By Your Name


Taylor Watkins - Director of Greek Affairs

Year: Junior

Majors: Strategic Communications, Political Science, emphasis in Public Policy

Fun fact: She’s an EMT!

Favorite article she’s written: Quinn Martz: Collegiate Development Consultant


Robin Young - Director of Recruitment

Year: Freshman

Major: Communication

Fun fact: She knows "way too much" about musical theatre!

Favorite article she’s written: 8 Movie Musicals that will Boost You Up After a Bad Breakup


Erin Sleater - Director of Media and Marketing

Year: Sophomore

Major: Strategic Communication

Minor: Marketing

Fun fact: She wants to work in the film industry!

Favorite article she’s written: Why We Should Still be Talking About Carrie Fisher


Emi Radetich - Creative Director

Year: Junior

Major: Pre-Pharmacy

Fun fact: She can sing the alphabet backwards!

Favorite article she’s written: What It’s Like to be a Queen Bee in the Beehive State


Meghan McGinnis - Director of External Affairs

Year: Sophomore

Major: Undeclared

Fun fact: Rapper B.o.B. signed her high school yearbook!

Favorite article she’s written: I Set Tinder to Only Men Older than 30 and It Got Very Weird Very Fast


Angelyn Ramos - Director of Internal Affairs

Year: Freshman

Major: Biology, emphasis in Human Anatomy and Physiology

Minors: Chemistry, Anthropology

Fun fact: She’s trilingual! Her mom is from France and her dad is from El Salvador, so she’s the first in her family to be born in the US.

Favorite article she’s written: Trump is Sticking His Tiny Hands in Medicine