Her Campus Philanthropists: Madison Keyser and Bailey Carver

After raising 788 pounds of food for the Utah Food Bank, we couldn’t separate these two philanthropists, which is why Bailey Carver and Madison Keyser are both Campus Cuties! These women are active on campus both fresh to sorority life as well as finishing off their first semester writing for Her Campus Utah! We’re so excited for you to get to know Bailey and Madison!


HC: How do you balance school, sorority, and Her Campus?

Madison: I've always loved being busy and because I am passionate about all three things, it's important to me to balance them all so that one doesn't slip! Staying organized and not procrastinating are two things I focus on the most to ensure everything goes as planned and life doesn't get too crazy. 

Bailey: It can definitely be a challenge at times, but I have found keeping great to do lists and an up to date calendar is the best way to keep my life balanced. Having amazing friends and family who are always there to help out is also a huge thing!


HC: What have you learned the most through doing philanthropy work?

Bailey: Outside of learning all the logistics about running an on campus philanthropy event, I learned a lot about myself. I learned how it can become so easy to get wrapped up in our own lives and problems and forget about others in our community. 

Madison: I have learned that even the smallest acts make a difference.  For example, with this food drive even one can could mean something to a family.  As cliche and cheesy as it sounds, every little bit counts. 

HC: What was your favorite part of holding a campus-wide food drive?

Bailey: I love that the whole campus can come together to better the larger community!

Madison: I really enjoyed getting to work with tons of different people across campus.  Bailey and I communicated with people from Greek Life, the housing office and the Union. I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly every one was and excited to be involved and to help. 

HC: Do you have any goals as far as philanthropy in the upcoming years?

Madison: I am super proud of our food drive this year and that is something I definitely want to continue annually or even potentially bi-annually by having one in the spring which is the time the Food Bank needs donations the most.  I also think it would be cool to do an event focusing on women's issues because Her Campus Utah is a magazine that focuses on women. 

Bailey: I am hoping to help run and participate in many more food drives, and hopefully bring attention to why it is important to have food drives year round. The Utah Food Bank gets the majority of their donations during the holiday season, but it is important to remember that they need donations throughout the year. 

HC:  What is your advice for any other organization wanting to hold a food drive?

Bailey: My advice is to start contacting different campus clubs and locations early to make sure you have support from everyone on campus. The best way to get donations and involvement with a food drive is to talk to other leaders on campus. 

Madison: Bailey and I learned a lot hosting our first food drive together.  One thing that I did not know going in to it was that you can (and should) register your food drive with whatever organization you are raising food and funds for.  This makes your drive official and provides extra support.

HC: Why is holding a food drive effective?

Bailey: Holding a food drive is effective because your entire campus can get involved easily. You aren't asking people to donate a lot of time or money only a few cans, and that's part of the reason it ends up being so successful. 

Madison: Most people have extra food cans lying around the house, however, would never think to donate them because it is not convenient or realistic to drive down to the Utah Food Bank or another donation collector.  A food drive spreads awareness and makes convenient locations for every one to donate.

HC:  How do two you work so well together?

Madison: Bailey is a blast to work with and for us, communication and dividing up the small tasks was key! I can't wait to work with her again. 

Bailey: We communicate! Since we are in AXO together Madison and I already knew each other and throughout the food drive we just made sure to check in with the other regularly.

HC: How has working together improved your friendship?

Bailey: It's impossible not to have a closer friendship when you are working together for something that we are both passionate about. Nothing brings people together like common goals!

Madison: The more I work with Bailey, the more I am impressed.  When we first met we immediately got along and I knew she was pretty cool, but working on this food drive with her has shown me how hard working, dedicated and fun she truly is.  There was never anything she didn't help with, but she also able to keep her school work her number one priority which I really admired.