Her Campus Exclusive: Rachel Taylor

Rachel Taylor of She is We, is bold, beautiful, and ready to change the world. With a passion to be able to give everyone a chance to have a voice, she vows “if I was ever given a microphone, I would use it for good.” Her albums are her own personal stories and experiences that she’s sharing with her fans. Her Campus Utah got the inside peek at Rachel’s dreams and her upcoming tour. See her live at In the Venue on April 4th.

Her Campus Utah: What are you most excited for with this tour?

Rachel Taylor: I’m excited to finally get out there and do exactly what I was told I couldn’t do! There is one song I love performing, it’s called Monster, it’s about the medication I was put on and I was in a dark place. Being able to perform that song in the condition I’m in right now, is so empowering! It no longer crumbles me, it’s a clear look at who I was and who I am now. [But, the] most exciting part, I would have to say meeting the kids who have made my job possible. The exciting part is, of course, getting on stage but I love getting to see all of the kids I go back and forth with on Twitter and Facebook.

Her Campus Utah: You’re very active on social media!

Rachel Taylor: Oh yeah, I don’t have a life other than music!

Her Campus Utah: How do you think social media has projected your career?

Rachel Taylor: I think without social media, I wouldn’t have a career! Going from literally, MySpace we put on some songs and within a couple weeks, it felt like a wildfire! Without social media we wouldn’t be able to connect.  Especially being on the road, and being able to talk to the kids and how they are either excited and how they’re posting photos of the shows. It gives a different perspective, it’s surreal.

Her Campus Utah: How does touring effect the time you have to write music? Are you more focused because your whole life is centered on the music or do you like writing more on your own time?

Rachel Taylor: Honestly, being able to go out and showcase the music that was written keeps me in that headspace of when I wrote it. If anything, it becomes more empowering. I don’t worry about writing new songs because I’m so focused on telling the story that I spent years creating. I like to focus on that chapter and telling that chapter to the best of my ability through life performance.

Her Campus Utah: How have you grown in your own personal music style?

Rachel Taylor: I’m finally free; when I first started I was 18, I’m 25 now and I’ve come to realize that the production really matches the story telling and if you’ve got a powerful track that matches the lyrical content, you’ve got a monster. I’ve learned very much over the years that that’s how it is supposed to be. Lyrics, by themselves will tell a story, but on stage I want it to empower.

Her Campus Utah: That’s so beautifully said! Being such a strong woman in music and in general, what advice do you have for collegiette’s to stay with their own passions and dreams?

Rachel Taylor: My father raised me, he is a military man. I would give the advice that if someone tells you that you can’t do something, don’t only do it—be the best at it. The best revenge you can ever get on the people who tell you [that] can’t do something is to watch them swallow their words as they bow their heads and are completely ashamed of what came out of their mouths. Allow the trials and tribulations to fuel the fire and explode on them. It’s an amazing feeling. It’s a great feeling.

Her Campus Utah: Wow, that’s amazing! What about you? What are your goals for music and personal growth?

Rachel Taylor: My goal before was to create music that kids connected to but now, I think God has something a lot bigger for me, that I have tried to turn away from because it’s terrifying. It’s really scary and it’s a scary business and when you have your diary out there for everyone to read! My goal now, is to make sure young women and men, but especially women, understand that I’ve gone through everything and then some and my goal is to empower a group of people who have been silenced and have felt as though their voice cannot be heard. [I want to be] that voice but to bring them on stage and give them a microphone at some point, so they can tell their story.

Her Campus Utah: Telling your story and having a voice have been a theme for you! Do you think it will continue to be so?

Rachel Taylor: Absolutely! If I can build up a giant group of kids and young adults who feel the same way, we’ll be unstoppable!

Her Campus Utah: Anything else you want our readers to know?

Rachel Taylor: If they need someone to just talk to, I’ve got them, if they need anything at all. I am everyone’s big sister. I am very open to any questions or trials they’re facing, they know how to find me!

Rachel Taylor will continue to be a roll model, an inspiration, and a “big sister” to all of her fans as she fearlessly proves everyone wrong about who she is and what she is capable of. This bombshell is capable of anything she sets her mind to and is ready to give those who feel voiceless, the power they need. 

To buy tickets to her show, click here: https://www.saltlakecityconcerts.net/eventx/she-is-we/

For more information on She is We: http://www.sheiswe.com/