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Heartbreak Jesus: (Another) Poem About Love

Oh heartbreak Jesus,

The one nailed upon a cross,

Your frail body still dangles on my wall.

The same wall You pressed me up against

The night we fell out of love.


In your hands

Two nails pierce Your palms,

The hands You laid against the small of my back,

And played promises You’d never keep,

On the guitar strings You’ve always known.



I have prayed to You often,

Worshipped Your memory,

And dedicated my broken life to You.

A newfound Savior


Oh heartbreak Jesus,

I often think about Your long hair

That reached disjointed shoulders

And the unconditional,

Seemingly eternal love,

You once gave me.


Remember when you used to kissed my feet,

And I betrayed you anyway?

Funny how it was you who sinned against me

In the end.


But where is your confession?

Did I not spend enough time,

On my knees

For You?

Do you not remember how I consumed,

Your body of Christ,

And drank your wine?


In your crucifixion

The torturous death of your memory,

Heartbreak Jesus

There are some days,

I have tried to resurrect you.

And breathe new life

Into the bloody mess,

That hangs slaughtered in a rosary

Across my chest.


Heartbreak Jesus, do you hear my prayers

Do you hear my pleading cry for help

When I beg for Your forgiveness?


Savior or Betrayer

For that I am not sure,

But I live for you no longer.


Now a bitter atheist

That preaches against you often,

In a world of no hope,

And very little love.


Heartbreak Jesus,

I don’t believe in You anymore.

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