Heart Art

One of my favorite things about holidays isn’t the actual holiday— it is decorating for the holiday. Valentine’s Day in particular lends itself to cutesy/kitschy decor. I never really grew out of exchanging valentines in paper boxes from grade school. Hearts, arrows, sweet sayings, and cutesy puns are still a lot of fun to me. So, every year, I sit down and make a new Valentine craft to put on my already cluttered mantel. Here are some of my favorite crafts, and crafts on my to-do list, that I hope you will like, too! If you are like me, and have absolutely no room left in your house for more decorations, consider giving away your crafts as gifts! Then, you still have the fun of making them without the hassle of displaying and storing them. Gift-giving isn’t just for Christmas! Consider giving them to your Galentines and Palentines. Here are some Valentine’s crafts (heart art, if you will) that you may enjoy creating on Valentine’s Day.   


(All titles come from the YouTube videos.)

  1. 1. Dollar Tree Valentine DIY 2020 | Budget Friendly DIY's | Friend Friday HOP

    These are lovely decor crafts made from inexpensive materials. The best craft is a cheap craft. Tune in for some Valentines ~aesthetic~.

  2. 2. Dollar Tree DIY Valentines Decor

    Sweethearts are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE candies. They are delicious, they are cute, and they are a surefire way to make me totally sick. As much as I love the sweet treats, they do not love me back. So, rather than eating myself sick, I’ll make a wreath out of them!

  3. 3. Dollar Tree DIY Valentines Decor

    These decor crafts are easy to follow— simple, but big impact pieces that will be lovely on your wall.

  4. 4. DIY Valentines Day Gift Ideas PEOPLE ACTUALLY WANT!! ❤️ Affordable + Cute

    Here are some cute crafts you can also use as gifts! These are all versatile and can be made in large quantities (for all your loved ones!)  

  5. 5. 3 Simple & Beautiful Valentines Day Crafts - Paper Crafts - DIY Crafts Compilations

    Paper-based crafts are very fun— all you need is paper! (Quick tip— if you don't have fancy paper, head to the thrift store! You’ll be surprised at all the pretty paper you'll find. Also, check in the music section— you can score some great sheet music that makes lovely scrapbook paper.)

  6. 6. PLAY | 5 Epic Valentine's Day Boxes & Projects!

    If you’ve got siblings or children, here are some fun crafts to make with them. I remember making Valentine's crafts with my mom; those are some of my best memories.  

  7. 7. Valentines Day Gifts for Friends! // 5 DIY Ideas

    Valentine's Day isn’t just for romance! Pal-entine and Gal-entine are just as important. These crafts are geared specifically for friend gifts!  

  8. 8. DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

    Jordan Clark always serves up the most ~aesthetic~ crafts, and this is no different. Check out this video for heartfelt homemade crafts.   

  9. 9. Tissue Paper Puffy Heart Valentine's Window Decoration - Easy Craft Project

    I don’t know about you, but I made these back in grade school! I enjoyed it then, and think it is worth revisiting. Perhaps I can show improvement between grade school and now.   

  10. 10. Mini Bottle Valentine Crafts | Valentine craft ideas

    Why are undersized mini things so adorable?! Also, if you made them even smaller, you could make necklace pendants out of them!  

  11. 11. Valentine Special !! LOVE Greeting Card || DIY || Valentine's Day Gift Idea

    I have always wanted to receive one of these ‘exploding’ box cards as a gift. Since I have no significant others to drop hints to, I suppose I’ll have to make it myself.  

Hopefully these crafts will get you in the Valentine’s Day spirit!