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Halloween Costumes Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

It’s the best time of year, Halloween! Halloween is the most exciting time with all the colored leaves, haunted houses, and scary movies. Also all the fun Halloween parties and events you get to go to. What can be difficult is deciding what to be for Halloween. I have taken that pressure off of you by unraveling the best Halloween costumes for each zodiac sign below:

Pisces – Merperson

This one is very fitting being that you are a water sign and the fish. Being a merperson will help you get in tune with that water element of yours. Also being a merperson will show off your over-sensitive sign, I’m guessing merpeople are also sensitive?

Aries – Devil

Strong and fiery Aries! Since you have a fiery personality you might as well be the devil himself? You are passionate and blunt so being the devil will help you be the powerful and sexy person that you are inside. 

Capricorn – Doctor

You are super practical and grounded! Some people say you have your head on right, I’d have to agree. Capricorns also pride themselves in their work and strive to be the best. Being a doctor is a no brainer! You can make it sexy if you want, but being a doctor channels your hardworking nature. 

Doctor's stethoscope
Photo by Hush Naidoo on Unsplash

Scorpio – Medusa/Snake (Brittany Spears in ‘Slave for You’)

This costume is channeling the idea of sexy and also scary, which is the perfect combo for a Scorpio. Find some bling and sexy material whichever idea it is that fits you more, but most importantly own it and enjoy your season Scorpios!

Aquarius – Alien 

Alien is the perfect quirky outfit to suit an Aquarius! Aquarius’s pride themselves in being different so alien is the most fitting! You are very free-spirited and eccentric just like an alien! So throw on some glitter and be the best damn alien!

Libra – Angel/Cupid

The angelic and loving sign, one who loves aesthetics and love, this is the perfect outfit. Since you’re ruled by venus you love love and beautiful things. Going with the idea of angel or cupid fits your loving nature and also your need for beautiful aesthetics!

Gemini – The Shining twins

This one is self-explanatory! The twins of the zodiac sign, this is the perfect costume for you! It does require getting a friend involved so pick one of your besties to do this iconic horror outfit together to fit your Gemini aesthetic!

Leo – Great Gatsby/20’s themed

Leo’s love being flashy and the center of attention, which makes having a Great Gatsby themed costume is a perfect opportunity for all your flashy needs. This is your chance to be the center of attention (again) with the loudest costume in the room!

Virgo – Harry Potter Character

Harry Potter character is a great way to have fun and show off your nerdy side, we all know you have it! You may not always show your fun nerdy side but Halloween is the best time to do this! Don’t worry about being perfect and just have fun!

Cancer – Superhero

I thought about suggesting to be a ‘crybaby’ but didn’t know if that would be too rude? Empathetic and sensitive cancer, a superhero is a great costume for you because it will show off the best parts of you. Incorporating that motherly and strong parts of you just like a superhero! 

Sagittarius – Witch

You are adventurous and have a desire for change! Being a witch suits that idea! They travel by broomstick and are always casting spells and doing new things which is perfect for your independent and adventurous nature!

Taurus – Fairy/Elf

My little earth babies! You love nature and the earth so the best costume for you would have to do with just that. You are also cute and loving so embodying a fairy or elf helps you show off that earth vibe. 


There you have it, the ‘almost’ perfect Halloween costumes for each zodiac sign! But whatever it is you decide to be for Halloween is all your choice as long as you’re having fun! Also for those out there who don’t already know, DON’T appropriate anyone’s culture this Halloween! That means throw away the “cowboys and Indians,” idea and instead take one of mine based off your zodiac sign!

I am an English major studying at the University of Utah. In my free time I enjoy writing poetry, reading, yoga and coffee!
Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor