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Although I myself am not gluten-free, a couple of my friends here in Salt Lake are, so whenever we go out to eat we’re always on the hunt for new -and edible- gluten-free spots! Consult this list for, what we have so far deemed the best, gluten-free spots in Salt Lake if you have friends, like me, who can’t eat gluten, or if you suddenly develop a late-in-life gluten allergy.

Sugarhouse Coffee

Looking for a gluten-free alternative to the classic avocado toast? Look no further than Sugarhouse Coffee, located in the heart of sugarhouse. They’ve got a few different renditions of the class avocado toast, all available to be served on gluten-free bread!

Honest Eatery

While I’m on the topic of breakfast, Honest Eatery has a wide range of toasts and acai bowls that can all be made gluten-free! The bread on the toasts and the granola on the acai bowls can be substituted and I know firsthand that it tastes just as good! They have multiple locations downtown, in Sugarhouse, and on Foothill!

Just Organic Juice 

This is the last breakfast place in Sugarhouse, I promise! If you’re like me and my friends, the granola on your acai bowl makes it or breaks it. Thankfully, Just Organic Juice’s gluten-free granola is just as good as the gluten option. 

Pizza Nono

Probably my favorite pizza place gluten or not, Pizza Nono, located on 9th and 9th, allows for all of their pizzas to be made with gluten-free dough! 


With the best gluten-free pasta I’ve tried, Tucci’s, near Trolley Square, also allows for all of their pasta dishes to be created with gluten-free pasta. 

Finding restaurants with many gluten-free options is a challenge. It has taken me a semester just to compile this many, but I’m going to keep exploring and discovering new places, even if it takes me all four years!

Sasha Nakamura is a business major from San Francisco, CA.
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