Group Costumes Perfect For Halloween This Year

Picking out an individual Halloween costume can be difficult, but picking out a costume idea for a group of friends is a hundred times harder. Since the best holiday of the year is literally less than two weeks away, who doesn’t want or desperately need some inspo so that Halloween can be a success this year? Here are a few suggestions and ideas to make sure you and your friends have the cutest costumes of the night, all without having to deal with the stress of picking and creating a costume last minute. 

Charlie’s Angels

Since the first trailer came out for the new Charlie's Angels movie this summer, I knew this would be the cutest idea for Halloween! Whether you decide to channel the older 1970s version of the group or the iconic 2000 version with Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Lui, any look will work. This idea is also super easy to achieve — a replica of one of their outfits or even just a cute black outfit is effortless to find and pull off.

Cheetah Girls 

There are so many different ways you could dress up when it comes to the Cheetah Girls. Galleria, Chanel, Aqua, and Dorinda are THE definition of early 2000s style and so many of their looks are accessible and cute! Please take my word for it, last year my friends and I dressed up as them and we found our costumes in less than a day at Savers. We went for the tracksuits look that they wore in the first movie and it was the best decision ever. Honestly, they were the most comfortable costumes, and they kept us warm all night since the tracksuits were made out of velvet fabric.

Bratz Doll

Being a Bratz Doll for Halloween this year is such a pretty and simple costume idea. I’ve seen countless Bratz makeup tutorials on Youtube; it may take at least one practice session to get the makeup right before the 31st, but once you have that down, the rest is easy. Clothing choices are inexpensive, and you can also select an outfit you’ve worn before because these dolls are dressed in a variety of clothes and styles.

Friends Cast

Like the other costume suggestions, this idea is easy to commit to. This group of friends dressed casually in a majority of the episodes, so it’s not difficult to mirror one of their outfits. Thrift stores and Forever 21 are both good places to start if you need help finding a 90s inspired outfit like the ones worn in the show.

Powerpuff Girls 

Costumes don’t always have to be exact copies of what a character wore and looked like. All of these ideas are up for interpretation. When it comes to being a Powerpuff Girl this Halloween, you don’t need to be fully dressed up as a superhero. Instead, you can create an all pink, blue, or green outfit with a hairstyle similar to that of Blossom, Bubbles, or Buttercup. 

Clueless Cast 

Last but not least, this costume idea has been used by so many people, but it’s so recognizable that it makes it fun. Most will get it and not have to question what you are this year. By dressing in the iconic plaid outfits Cher and Dionne wore, people will definitely understand who you chose to be. 


With these group costume ideas, Halloween will be fun without any last minute costume changes and planning. By sticking to one of these suggestions, your costume will be easy to make, will create the best pictures, and will definitely be a favorite at any party!  

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