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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

The upcoming presidential election has proven to be contentious and high strung, displaying the many ways in which the traditional two-party system divides the country. The two-party system is broken; it allows for well-intentioned candidates to be swallowed in the sea of powerful voices. As a result, many promises made by democratic or republican candidates go unfulfilled. Instead of conforming to this system and allowing the unsolved problems of the United States to continue to bubble over, the PSL’s candidate Gloria La Riva is proposing real solutions. La Riva is passionately engaged in uniting the people; she is working to correct the undermining problems of America. Her ten-point program offers unparalleled solutions to issues such as climate change, racism, and immigrant rights. With the support of the working class, Gloria may be able to enact tangible change in this country.

At the beginning of July, the Party for Socialism and Liberation began gathering signatures to get Gloria La Riva on the ballot in Utah. They worked tirelessly to assemble over 2000 signatures and succeeded to meet their goal. Currently, La Riva is located on the ballot in fifteen states with the option of write-ins in fourteen states. After being named on the official ballot, she has continued to spread her campaign claims through numerous debates and livestreams. Her main campaign points include: making human needs guaranteed, combating the climate crisis, ending racism and police brutality, full rights for immigrants, shutting down all United States military bases, honoring native treaties, giving full LGBTQ rights, guaranteeing women’s equality, defending our unions, and seizing the wealth of wall street. She has taken to the streets numerous times to defend these claims, marching with Black Lives Matter protesters and LGBTQ organizers. Gloria fights for oppressed communities and works to uplift the voices of those who are typically overlooked. 

With the election being only a couple of weeks away, it is critical for voters to remain aware of their environments. Although candidates that run in the two-party system may have big goals to correct the various problems that face the United States, we are constantly debating the same problems. Gloria La Riva is here to offer us tangible solutions to our most pressing issues in a timely manner. If you want to learn more about Gloria, make sure to visit her official candidate website When voting this upcoming November, remember that your vote is important. Use your voice for those who can’t; it is our responsibility to stand up to the oppressors and fight for what is right, just as Gloria La Riva does.

Sophomore at the University of Utah studying Strategic Communications
Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor