Girl Power: The University of Utah Selects Dr. Ruth Watkins as the 16th President

In a historic, memorable, and glass-ceiling-shattering moment, the University of Utah proudly announced the selection of the 16th President: Dr. Ruth Watkins! The Board of Trustees unanimously voted in Dr. Watkins into the role while those in the audience enthusiastically cheered. (Watch the vote and Dr. Watkins comments here:

What does this mean for the University of Utah? It boldly shows other Universities, other states, and future Utes that as an institution we believe that women are valuable, they are needed, and they are our leaders. This decision to break the mold of male leadership encourages and challenges women at our Universities to remain steadfast and dedicated, to be powerful, and to meet challenges with passion. Only 2 other Pac-12 school to have a woman serving in a similar role are the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Washington. 

Dr. Watkins has a Ph.D. from the University of Kansas, and 5 years under her belt serving the University of Utah as Senior Vice President. She will enter her new position as President sometime within the Spring of 2018, with the date yet to be announced. 


Writers Note: I’d like to personally thank Dr. Ruth Watkins for being an inspiration to every student at this University, for her continuous effort and advocacy for students of all walks of life, and for taking on the role of serving as President of the University of Utah. 


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