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Gifts You’ll Want on Your Wishlist — The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

It’s that time of year! The holiday season has arrived, which means plenty of joy, cheer, food, and gift-giving. If you need some help with your holiday shopping, enter me, your holiday helper! I mean, where do you begin?! I’ve gathered a list of my favorite shops and brands to help you out. You may even want to snag a few of these pieces for yourself. Hey…I won’t blame you if you put a few of these products on your wishlist. They’ll be on mine! So, without further ado, here are some of the brands and shops that you’ll want on your shopping list this holiday season.


Who doesn’t love a good slipper? Well, you’ll not only get a good slipper from MOU, but you’ll get a personal cloud for your feet. Well… it will at least feel like you’re walking on a cloud. MOU has the softest, most comfortable footwear for men and women, ranging from boots to sneaker to slippers. I love wearing MOU’s booties — especially their Eskimo 24 Wool Fabric bootie (my new favorite!) But they specifically have an amazing selection of slippers, which is a perfect holiday gift choice! Who doesn’t want a cozy pair of slippers for the winter? I love their Ponyskin Closed Toe Slipper. It’s “expertly handcrafted in deep, soft, sheep fur and ponyskin” with a “light and flexible rubber outsole for comfort and durability.” I have a pair in pink, but there are several more colors and designs to choose from! Whoever you buy these for will thank you as soon as they take that extremely comfortable first step in their new slippers.

Monica Vinader

Have you been looking for a special piece of jewelry to give to someone you love? Maybe you need help picking out a beautiful bracelet for your mom…or yourself. Well Monica Vinader is the brand for you. Monica Vinader is a high-end jewelry brand that has some of the most gorgeous pieces that go with every outfit — even those cozy holiday sweaters! You can feel the quality with every piece, and they even offer custom engravings so you can make each piece special for the ones you love. Surprise your loved ones with a custom engraved gold plated Signature Bangle, or dazzle them with a Fiji Diamond Bar Bracelet — two of my favorite pieces! You can’t miss with this brand; any piece of jewelry from them is truly a stunning gift choice. 

Venessa Arizaga

Venessa Arizaga is a new favorite designer brand of mine. Their bracelets are iconic! They are amazing for stacking several bracelets along your arm, the more the merrier with this brand. Venessa Arizaga is known for their creative and colorful charms with enough themes to fit any personality! Perhaps you have a friend who is a total queen? You could gift them Venessa Arizaga’s Queen Bee bracelet. Or if you want to give them a cute charm bracelet for Christmas, the Psychedelic Dream Bracelet is a lovely choice. With so many unique charms you’ll likely want one for yourself. I like to pair these bracelets with my Got Milk Bracelet and Rainbow Loops Bracelet. These two are amazing paired together. It’s so chaotic and beautiful all at the same time. You can even choose a customizable bracelet if you want to spell out your friend’s name or any other short message. One for your friend, and one for you…or two… or three!

Statement Home

Does your mom need a unique statement piece for her home? Well, perfectly named Statement Home is the best place to get your very own “Jack of All Trays.” What is a “Jack of All Trays” you may ask? Well, Statement Home’s trays are unique because you can insert their very own themed tray inserts to fit any occasion. One tray, many occasions! Whether it’s for a birthday party, an evening in, Halloween, or a holiday event, they have it all! 

So how did this amazing idea start? According to CEO and founder Abby Michaelsen, “It all started in a shoebox. You know those tiny spaces New Yorkers call an apartment? I’ve always loved entertaining and changing up the look of my space throughout the year. The ‘lightbulb moment’ came after cramming a holiday tray into the back of my cabinet (only for it to sit there for the next 11 months.) All my feelings of excitement from hosting a celebration turned into regret for buying something so impractical.”

This is a unique gift idea for those in your life who live in a tightly cramped apartment, or simply love beautiful home decor. I have their Black Tray with the Stone Gold Fox Reversible Tray Insert and their Game Day Dark Red & White Tray Insert. They’re reversible and each side has a different design! And of course, for the holidays, I’ll be using their Mid-Century Modern Holiday Reversible Insert. Such a perfect gift!

Bow + Sprig

Another amazing brand I’ve discovered this year? Bow + Sprig! This brand has beautifully functional pieces for your home, each beautifully designed. My favorite is their Jewelry Stands. They have several patterns to choose from, and they’re a perfect gift for those in your life that simply have too much jewelry. Now they can have a beautiful place to organize all their pieces — from bracelets to necklaces, to earrings and diamonds. If you have a friend that lives in a small and cramped apartment but loves functional home decor, get them a piece from Bow + Sprig! 


I love this shop. Unlike the other brands I’ve mentioned, ClothingByBunny is an Etsy shop with uniquely designed hoodies, all by Bunny, the shop’s owner, herself! What kind of uniquely designed hoodies you may ask? Well, skeleton hoodies for one! When I first noticed Bunny’s hand painted skeleton hoodies, I immediately fell in love with the unique color and design. I have both the moth skeleton hoodie, which has hand painted skeleton arms as well as ribs, and the classic skeleton hoodie dress which has a pelvic bone too! Who knew I’d get so excited over pelvic bones?! 

So who is this talented designer? Well, allow me to allow her to introduce herself! “Hello, My name is Cinnamon and I run my brand ClothingByBunny by myself along with the help of a few friends. I first started ClothingByBunny to share my art during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it soon became my pride and joy. The brand has reached so many people that have told me how happy and confident my clothes make them feel. ClothingByBunny’s goal is to make people feel fabulous and happy in what they wear, so they can feel fabulous on the inside and on the outside.”

I highly recommend ClothingByBunny if you’re looking for one-of-a-kind clothing pieces. Since she hand paints each item herself, you’re getting a design and coloring that is slightly different with each purchase! And who doesn’t love a fun skeleton hoodie? I do!

Ayana Designs

Jewelry is a perfect go-to Christmas gift and it’s even better if you go with Ayana Designs. This brand has some very unique jewelry pieces that are simply stunning. My personal favorite is their Calisto Safety Pin Necklace and Brooch. It’s both a necklace and a brooch with dazzling pearls and a pendant heart. I love to pair this necklace with a classic beauty: the Spiro Chain Reversible Necklace. I can wear it as a simple gold chain, or reverse it so the Swarovski heart pendant shows up for a pop of light! And to match the pearls on my Calisto Safety Pin Necklace, I finish off my look with their Jodi Ear Cuff. I love Ayana Designs so much especially because of their gorgeous glass pearls and gold designs. Any piece you choose from this company is sure to be a winner.


Do you want to get something special for your loved ones? Something that speaks to them? Well, Serefina has some wonderful pieces for you — or, I mean, for your loved ones! My personal favorites? The Constellation Zodiac Necklaces which are ideal for gift-giving along with the delicate Etched Clear Glass Monogram Pendant Necklace. Choose your friend’s zodiac sign or pick a pendant with the first letter of their name and you’ve already chosen a gift a bit more personalized to them! And they’re so sweet, you’ll want to grab one for yourself to match! Plus, if you happen to be in need of some fancy stocking stuffers I would also recommend the Naomi Tennis Bracelets, Mini Resin Hoop Set for 3, the Adrienne Ear Jacket Earrings, and lastly, their Resin Chain Link Bracelet — I have one in a gorgeous grey color! You can’t go wrong choosing a gift from this beautiful brand.


A classic and cozy gift choice? Loungewear! SKiVYS has some of the softest loungewear which is great because who doesn’t want to stay cozy while looking stylish? I recommend their colorful Malibu Goddess Gown and their Side Hustle Maxi Dress. These silky soft dresses also have an interior bra support layer. And their Ribbed Lounge Boxers are godly — simply soft, comfortable, and stylish. Ah, nothing like warming up by the fireplace in a nice pair of loungewear or PJ’s during the holidays.

TAI Jewelry

If you know your friends and family well and know a thing or two about zodiac signs too, why not show them! Their zodiac sign reveals quite a bit about them, so why not flaunt that sign with the TAI Jewelry’s Zodiac Constellation Necklace. These gold-plated brass necklaces are delicate and dazzling with a 16″ – 18″ extendable chain. Think the stars sparkle? Take a look at these necklaces in person. The stars have some competition with these gorgeous pieces. 

TAI Jewelry has even more zodiac, starry, and witchy jewelry pieces to pair with your new necklaces! Their ring designs are just as beautiful as their other pieces — they’re also a favorite of mine!


So, this holiday season I’ve suddenly found myself obsessed with glass eyeballs. Yep, eyeballs. They’re just so beautiful! I could stare into these “eyes” all day. Now imagine my joy when I stumbled upon a brand and shop that actually had a glass eyeball ring! Paradox Fox Silver has unique handmade jewelry all created by metalsmith Vickie Skillman — and boy is she skilled. She began her business to make jewelry that she herself would genuinely want to buy in hopes that shoppers would feel the same. That’s why she can also custom-make a piece of jewelry for you. Whether it’s a custom piece imagined by both you and her, or a stunning glass eyeball ring, ParadoxFoxSilver has something for everyone! I absolutely love mine and it is such a unique one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry!


This shop is truly a gem! I was lucky enough to find VintageThreadGems after I stumbled upon a gorgeous vintage jacket of theirs — it even has amazingly padded shoulders (I’ve always wanted a jacket with those!) Their Etsy shop sells the cutest eclectic, vintage, and thrifted items, and they arrive looking beautiful and clean — it’s like brand new! I paired that stylish jacket with a belt that is honestly probably my new favorite in my little belt collection. Some new favorites from their shop are the Oversized Gray & White Wool Icelandic Jacket and the cute and stylish Cole Haan Women’s Brown Leather Braided Western Dress Belt! Who doesn’t love a cute jacket and belt? If I were you, I’d not only look at their jackets and their belts, but their vintage sweaters for the winter. They even have a Mystery Box of Premium Vintage Sweaters in which you get two stylish sweaters in excellent condition. You even can select what type of sweaters you want ranging from random, cozy, oversized, & more! I had a great experience with this shop and I’m sure you will too. Buying vintage is such a unique experience and well worth it with this shop!

To make your shopping experience even more unique, use code “HERCAMPUS” for 15% off your order!


Now I’d like to present you with some actual gems. JemelGems is a hidden gem of an Etsy store — yes I will continue with the gem puns as long as I can. Steven and Kerly started JemelGems and have created some dazzling pendants. Their handmade pendants are created with natural gemstones and are wire wrapped to perfection! There’s variation and beauty in each natural stone, mineral, fossil, or crystal that is used for their pendants. And since each pendant is magnificently wire wrapped in gold or silver, you’ll get a unique piece each time you order a pendant! You can even request a certain crystal or stone in gold or silver and they’ll create something just for you. You can shop at both their website and their Etsy store! I LOVE this store and and I’m so happy to have my little collection of pendants.

I have both a red and green moss agate pendant wrapped in silver, as well as a classic quartz and rose quartz pendant in gold. What beauties! The moss agate pieces have gorgeous swirls of color, and a quartz pendant is perfect for anyone looking for balance, soul cleansing, and concentration. It’s called the “master healer” crystal for a reason! And to have a quartz pendant around your neck, with you at all times? Sounds like a perfect gift for not only those jewelry-lovers, but crystal-lovers as well. JemelGems is sure to have the perfect pendant for you to gift to your loved ones.

Equilibrio Gems

My fascination with gems continues! You may have a pretty pendant necklace, but what about a crystal and gemstone bracelet?! Equilibrio Gems is the place to go! Ariana Stefancic founded Equilibrio Gems in 2018 with the hopes the brand would “be edgy, fashion-forward, and one-of-a-kind.” Not only that, but they sell fun-shaped crystals, stone and crystal towers, and more along with their bracelets. I recommend getting a few of their Mystery Stars because they’ll intuitively select a crystal star for you. I also recommend the Mookaite Jasper Tumbles and the Raw Black Tourmaline. Ah, I take joy in lining up all my crystals along my chest for full effect.

 And of course, I love their crystal and gemstone bracelets because each design is wonderfully designed. Not only that, but a great selection of their pieces also feature a darling charm! I have their Protect Me, My Cornetto limited edition bracelet. It’s made of Carnelian, Hematite, and has an Italian Horn charm which not only protects against “Malocchio” (meaning evil eye,) but it’s also a symbol of good luck! This shop has an amazing selection, perfect for gift-giving. Or self-gifting… Is that a thing? I’m making that a thing. 

And so there you have it! My favorite brands and shops for the holidays. Whether you buy vintage, bedazzled belts, artisan kitchenware, or a bag full of gems, hopefully there’s something here for everyone of your best friends and loved ones! Not only will they enjoy opening their stockings with some of these goodies come Christmas morning, but you’ll likely enjoy it more knowing you got a little something for yourself too! Who wouldn’t?

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