Getting Rid of the Summer Blues

The end of summer always seems to bring up a sad, nostalgic feeling. The kind of feeling when your uneaten ice cream is attacked by a heartless seagull, before you even get to take a bite. This is what I refer to as the “Summer Blues.” People are riddled with it at school and in the office, alike, as the end of summer usually announces the end of carefree days for most people. The warmth of the sun and the taste of the salty ocean are just distant memories as the days get shorter and weather gets colder. And as bittersweet as this sounds, this is not the end of those beautiful golden hours. Don’t worry, getting rid of the summer blues is just as easy as a happy-go-lucky sunny day.


1. Embrace it

This is as simple as it sounds. If you can’t travel back in time to the start of summer, might as well suck it up and look ahead. Use this time to stop dreading how awful autumn will be. Focus on the positive aspects in your life to decrease stress, and plan in advance for those chilly, fall days. 

2. Discounts and more

If you’re a shopper like me, the seasons after summer are when stores have discounts for anything and everything. Scan your eyes out for awesome deals and discounted bikinis for next summer.

3. Holiday season

Fall and winter are also when the big holidays start to fall in place. Prep for a spooky Halloween this year, or start decorating your house in Christmas lights right after Thanksgiving. You can do no wrong during the holidays.


4. Vacation it up

Maybe you missed the chance to go to San Francisco this summer. But don't worry, fall is also a good time to plan a trip. It can be cheaper and a more efficient way to travel. And besides being giddy with anticipation about the exciting girlfriends trip to New York, taking a quick Fall Break trip will will blow away your summer blues, and will give you something to look forward to.


Stop fretting over the summer blues. While summer can be carefree with your hair full of sand, fall and winter aren't as bad as you give them credit for. Take away the gloomy perspective, and look at this coming season with a smile.


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