Getting In The Grind Of Spring Semester As Told By South Park

As we're all getting back into the grind of the spring semester, it can be an exciting and weird time. Some of us are thrilled to be back to see our friends and are excited to get motivated for success... and some of us aren't too stoked to be moving back into the library. I, personally, was feeling indifferent on both sides of the spectrum. I was excited to get back to campus and start working towards my writing degree and my classes are so far super interesting... however, I'm still not prepared for the workload I have this semester. 

Luckily, I can relate to my favorite TV show, South Park, as they explain my exact feelings of how the first three weeks of my spring semester is going so far! 

When you're driving onto campus for your first day of the semester and you see the Union and/or campus in general packed with students


When you make your first stop at the Campus Store of the semester, you see all the lines throughout the entire store


The feeling you get when you finally get to the front of the Starbucks line 



Get ready for all the inconsiderate parking tickets from Commuter Services


And them declining your appeals


Get ready for all the campus events that have free food


If you're a freshman, maybe you're still trying to get rid of the Freshman 15 that's coming upon you


When you're reading the syllabus for one of your classes and you see that there will be daily quizzes for your participation grade


But maybe you'll find a way out of your participation grade loss


Maybe there will be extra credit opportunities... like licking carpet like Eric Cartman did


But you find out that there will be no extra credit opportunities in your classes and you realize to yourself you're doomed for this semester 

Hope your spring semester isn't kicking your ass too hard yet!

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