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Fuller House Releases Date & Teaser: Fulfills Dreams Everywhere

We grew up on this show, even if we had to watch re-runs in between Mary Kate and Ashley’s Passport to Paris and Holiday in the Sun. The show about family and friendships that made girls everywhere want a dad, an uncle, and dad’s random friend to move in and eventually adopt a nice golden retriever. “Please can we name him Comet!?! Pleasepleasepleaseplease!”

Earlier in 2015, when we were all still playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood, it was as if the heavens opened up a little bit. Rumors about a reunion spiraled out of control and we ignored them, we didn’t want to get our hearts broken. But then, it was confirmed. Screams of glee and the words “Have mercy,” echoed through the hearts of America.

And now, we have a date. February 26, 2016 or as I like to call it National Fuller House Day because I have the power to do that, according to my mom. But more than a simple date, we have a teaser. A perfect teaser, set to none other than Miranda Lambert’s The House That Built Me. Watch it below:

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