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Four Goals Everyone Should Set For Themselves This Semester

The fall semester is upon us, and many Universities and Colleges across the nation have changed the way that their students will learn this year. The University of Utah has restructured their classes, making the majority of them online or hybrid classes to reduce the amount of students on campus. This is a structure that we have never seen before, and many of this year's students are going to have to make a daunting adjustment to online schooling. 

It is going to be more important than ever this year for students to set goals. We all know how hard it can be to stay focused, healthy, and productive when the majority of your daily life now takes place in your home. I myself have set four major goals for this semester, and would love to see every student try to aim for these goals or some that are similar, because your attitude and drive can make all of the difference when it comes to tackling a change as big as this one. 

1. Set Time Aside for Study

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Leaving your online classwork for the last minute will leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Set aside time every day, or every other day, for your classwork. This includes leaving time to learn when it comes to sending your availability to your workplace. While you may not have to physically be anywhere to learn, you still need time to invest in your education. Pick a time when you know you will be productive: you'll thank yourself later. 


2. Eat Good Food

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This goal is up for many interpretations. For me, eating good food means eating food that will give me the energy to work, stay active, and learn. Pick the food that makes you feel the best, and make sure that you make time to keep yourself energized. 

3. Stay Connected

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When your home becomes your school (and for some people work as well) it is so easy to spend the majority of your time inside and alone. Something I want to make sure to do this year is to stay connected with my friends and family. Whether it is virtual or responsibly getting together with the people you love, the time you set aside to invest in these relationships is key. 

4. Be Active

[bf_image id="qbm7er-5mrm9k-dp14b2"] Another issue that can arise with most of the aspects of your life being centered in your home is finding time to get out and be active. This is a goal that I struggle with anyway, so this semester I am going to try to get out, or get active at least once a day. Even if you just go on a walk, your body and mind will thank you for the break from the screens. 

What goals do you have for yourself? Let's set together and make this virtual semester the best it could possibly be. I can’t wait to see what the Her Campus family does this year!

Mya is majoring in Strategic Communication and is the current President of Her Campus Utah. She enjoys movies, road trips, writing and having dinner parties with her best friends. Her favorite things to write about are fashion, beauty and lifestyle.
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