Four Fall Dates in Salt Lake City

We’ve reached the middle of October, and if you are anything like I am, you are in full panic mode when it comes to getting as many fall dates into your weekend schedules as possible before the month is up. No need to worry though, you have come to the right place when looking for all of the best, must-visit date locations this spooky season. Below I will break down my favorite date spots in the Salt Lake Valley for you and your date this fall. From not-so-scary to full-on terrifying, you are bound to find a few things that spark your interest.  

  1. If you are looking for a date that isn’t super scary, this is the date for you. This event features over 3,000 carved pumpkins, some artificial and some real. The main attraction is a fun walking path that takes you through eight themed pumpkin “lands”. Additionally, there are food trucks, a fire show, and games in the main event area. If you and your significant other have little to no pictures together, this is a must-visit. Each themed land had a photo op set up specifically for a photo with your date or group. You are bound to leave this event with good memories and pictures to show the family back home. The price for an Adult is $20, and parking at the event is an additional $7 per car.


  2. 2. Haunted Houses

    This is a classic fall date that may be out of the comfort zone for some. Salt Lake City is full of haunted houses in the fall, and there are many options when looking for what type fits you and your date best. Below is a list of haunted houses in the SLC area some of which are a little scary and others are terrifying. If you are looking for a mild haunting experience, I would suggest Castle of Chaos, or if you are looking for the exact opposite of mild, I would suggest Asylum 49. However, all of these will be equally fun this fall. 

    Nightmare on 13th 

    Fear Factory 

    Castle of Chaos

    Asylum 49

  3. 3. Go Outside

    This one doesn’t take much explaining, but because we live in a state that has some of the best fall colors in the mountains, I couldn’t leave it out.  There are so many canyons to choose from to see all of the colors, and with the variety, you have the opportunity to see more than one on your fall date. Whether you are driving, hiking, biking, or even just walking, the canyons are a great way to spend time with your significant other in the fall. I will link the official list of the canyons we have in the Salt Lake Valley here.

  4. 4. Halloween Movie Night

    Let’s be honest, haunted houses and other Halloween events are so pricey. If you are on the market for a cheaper date option this October, this is for you. There are lots of scary movie options available on Netflix, which would be perfect for the spookiest season of the year. If you don't have Netflix or another streaming service, Amazon Prime also has great options available to rent for a small fee. If we are speaking the truth, a scary movie marathon date is one of the easiest dates to put together, and with Halloween coming up, what better time to do it. 

From hiking to haunted houses, there are so many date options available in Salt Lake City this fall. These options are a great start to planning out you last few weekends left this October, plus a few extras that you may come up with on your own.