Football Feature: UCLA vs. Utah

It's week 9 and the Utes are getting ready for one of the biggest games that they will have this season against the Washington Huskies. But before we can go into the biggest challenge, let's take a look at what the Utes have just overcome this last week in sunny California, while they played in the one and only Rose Bowl.

This last week, the Utes traveled to Pasadena to face off against the UCLA Bruins. Although those who stayed back and watched at home didn't get to enjoy the sun or get a nice glow, the MUSS bus was able to travel with the 6-1 Utes to cheer them on towards another victory. 

While the Utes still have a few key players injured, we did not let that stop us from getting what we wanted out of California; and that was a 7-1 record going into week 9. Didn't watch the game? Then you missed a few key moments that made everyone remember why Utah is in the PAC-12. As you know, the Utes lost two Running Backs in the last few weeks, so when the Utes went into Oregon last week, they sent out a bat signal for then retired Joe Williams. 

Williams decided to retire after only playing two games this season, because of the physical demand that he felt he could no longer give. However, Williams came to the Utes rescue and gave us a win in Oregon, so what did he do in California? Win, score 4 touchdowns, oh...and broke a school record. Williams ran over 330 yards in one game alone.

So much for retirement.

With Joe Williams being the key to success for Utah's offense, there were other factors that lead into the highest scoring game the Utes had this season. 

Here they are quarter by quarter:


With the first quarter underway, the Utes had an amazing start, with only 15 seconds into the game, Butler-Byrd returned the ball 99 yards, into the end zone, for a touchdown. Automatic Andy giving Utah the extra point. Utah 7, UCLA 0. Three minutes later, the magic man himself, Joe Williams runs the ball into the end zone for another Utah touchdown, Phillips with the extra point. Utah 14, UCLA 0. But, just when Utah thought they had it in the bag...UCLA scored 3 touchdowns within 6 minutes, putting the score at Utah 14, UCLA 21. Ending the first quarter.


With Utah determined to come back, and nowhere near the end zone, Phillips goes in and gave the Utes another 3 points to add to the scoreboard, Utah 17, UCLA 21. A little less than half way into the second quarter, the Troy Williams hands the ball to Joe Williams for a 43 yd. run into the end zone. Utah 24, UCLA 21. With the last play of the quarter, the Utes send in Phillips once again, and he adds another 3 points to the board. Utah 27, UCLA 21


UCLA and Utah headed into the third quarter more ready than ever, ready to take one another out at any cost. 

Utah wasn't going to let it happen.

UCLA was able to get a touchdown at the beginning of the quarter, but was shortly interrupted by a touchdown that Utah was able to score, shortly after with a two-point conversion. Utah 35, UCLA 28

What happened 10 seconds later? UCLA scores another touchdown for 7 additional points added onto UCLA's score. Utah 35, UCLA 35.

Utah was not going to head into the last quarter with a tied score, so Phillips kicks in another 3 points for the Utes, but shortly after, Utah's Joe Williams scores another touchdown, adding 7 points to the board and putting the score at 45 for Utah, and 35 for UCLA.


The fourth and final quarter for either team to finish strong or to finish last. UCLA was ready to get any points possible, so a field goal kick added an additional 3 points to the score. Shortly after, secret weapon, Joe Williams scores another touchdown and Phillips kicks in another extra point. With Utah at 52 points and UCLA at 38, UCLA is running out of options and has no choice but to do what they can with what and who they have on the field, and that managed to work for the Bruins in the last five minutes, when they were able to score another touchdown and putting the final score at Utah 52, UCLA 45.

With Utah coming out victorious in California, the Utes were able to bring home a 7-1 record, oh and did I mention that they were also able to bring back ESPN's College GameDay? 

While the Utes are getting ready to face the undefeated Washington Huskies, I will be preparing my tent outside of President’s Circle. College GameDay is back for a second year, and while Utah is not favored to win, I would just like to point out that we were once undefeated and ranked in the top 5 teams. That all comes to an end with the right team going head to head with you. Bring your crazy cool signs, jackets and costumes, because if you're not at Rice-Eccles stadium this weekend, are you really even human?