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Five Free Apps that are Perfect for Collegiettes!

Ok collegiettes, pull out your smart phones! We have got the app for you! Well, several of them. Best of all, we’ve got them for Android and Iphone, and they’re all free.

If you spend your time in the science, engineering and math buildings, you need the Graphing Calculator app! It can handle all the tough equations and graphs your assignment calls for right on your phone. Though professors will not likely allow you to use this on tests, it can help with assignments and class work. You’ll save some cash and the hassle of carrying it around.

If you’re a commuter, I recommend GasBuddy. Gas prices in Salt Lake right now are rising toward the $4.00 mark. In other areas of the country, gas is soaring near $6.00! Save what you can by using an app that points out nearby gas stations and leads you to the lowest prices. If you’re more concerned about finding gas on the go, this is helpful for that, too!

If you’re a busy woman (we know you are!), download the Pill Reminder Pro app. You can set a little alarm to remind you of your medication times. Use it for antibiotics, birth control, vitamins, whatever you need. It tracks your intake, too, so you can view your history if you can’t remember when you last took your medication.

After you get the Pill Reminder Pro, you can download a period tracker as well. The iPhone offers one called iPeriod, and the Andriod offers one called P Tracker. You’ll never be surprised, forget tampons or let an irregular cycle go unnoticed again! The apps also predict when you’re next period will come, so it’s easy to plan accordingly.

Lastly, every collegiette can use the Wi-Fi Finder app. After you put in your location, free and available Wi-Fi hotspots show up. If you need to use your laptop in an emergency, it’s easy to find a nearby Internet connection. If you’re stuck somewhere without a signal, you can find somewhere to connect and finish your work.

Jetta is a fun and spunky communication student at the University of Utah. She has a lot of energy and an outgoing personality- perfect for her work in service coordination, peer advising, the Department of Communication, Express, and of course HerCampus! Jetta loves social media, writing, and learning new promotion and advertising skills. She does not currently drive a Jetta, but hopefully she can afford one upon completion of her degree!
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