Five Articles of Clothing Every Girl Should Own

Clothes are a key part of our daily lives. We get up, brush our teeth, and slip into our favorite workwear, though not always in that order. The choices in the type of clothing we choose to wear are an outward expression of our personalities. One day it could be a bright blazer and chunky heels, while another day could entail a simple sweater and Converse. Not every style is the same, but below are five different items of clothing that transcend current fashion for a timeless style, because as Coco Chanel said, "Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance."


1. The Basic Tee

A key piece of fashion from fifty years ago to now, the basic white t-shirt will always be a go-to staple of fashion. While not all of us may be able to afford the shirt below (Dior $710), there are many simple shirts out there to choose from. You can pair it with jeans or a lovely skirt, but no closet is complete without this essential piece.

Image Credit: Getty Images


2. The Wool Coat

A common occurrence in every winter closet, the classic long wool coat is a must-have. Versatile in its uses, this coat can either be a bold statement or a subtle flair of character. Don’t be afraid of the price tag though, because a well-made wool coat will last you a lifetime.

Photo Credit: Soia & Kyo


3. Black Trousers

Common black trousers are almost as timeless as white t-shirts now, with the perfect fit for every body type. From flared leg to culottes, there are options for black trousers at every time, place, and event you’ll ever go to.

Image Credit: Fashion Tasty


4. Sleek Pumps

Confidence in a heel, a pair of sleek pumps are a key piece to the French style. Oozing a feeling of je ne sais quoi as you walk by, you won’t regret the sore feet later. Beauty is pain after all.

Image Credit: Glamour


5. An Elegant Blazer

Not only for those in the business world anymore, a great blazer is also a true feature piece of any outfit. Looking for an office look? Throw a blazer on. Too cold for bare shoulders? You guessed it: a blazer.

Image Credit: Argent


Final Thoughts

Fashion is fleeting, but style is forever. All five of these pieces are a basis to a great wardrobe, ones that you can tailor to your personal tastes while still having timeless pieces. A great wardrobe makes everyone smile, and as Christian Dior said, “Happiness is the secret to all beauty because there is no beauty without happiness.”