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Finals Week Told By Mary-Kate and Ashley

It’s time, collegiettes. Finals are officially on us and as much as you want to run and hide, they will find you. They will catch you. Even if you say “I’ll just not go and fail,” then they’ll haunt you forever in the form of your GPA. We grew up with America’s favorite twins and they get it too. They get finals week.

Day 1, morning:

You think to yourself “I’ll map out Monday to study all of my anatomy notes, Tuesday to write that essay, and Wednesday, I’ll go to the office hours that my teacher has been telling us about all year. And each day, I’ll go to bed at 11:00pm so I’m SUPER well rested for the finals. God, why do people even complain about finals?”


Day 1, afternoon:

With your newly formed study schedule, you just know you’re going to get straight A’s on everything and probably take over the world.


Day 1, evening:

Okay, so you spent a little too much time watching The Office, we get it, happens to the best of us. But you’ve got a Red Bull in hand and really, nothing can stop you now.


Day 2, morning:

You leave your first final feeling like the questions were made for you. You seriously cannot believe how easy that was. You think “maybe I do have a knack for science, why am I a Comm major again?”

Day 2, afternoon:

But then you take a seat in your second final and quickly realize you spent all of your time studying for the first final because it was well, first. The questions don’t really make sense and you’re forced to answer questions like:


Day 2, evening:

Alright, we know that didn’t go super well. Back to the library and you and I both know that you’re going in for that all-nighter. That cute Day 1 optimism? Gone.


Day 3, morning:

You’ve been up for 23 hours straight. You’re surviving purely on caffeinated drinks and weird looking apples because for some reason, it’s Day 3 and you’re still trying to be healthy. You know you have to knock out the rest of these essays and tests but you suddenly become defiant against any and all “upper level education systems.”


Day 3, afternoon:

We lied. You’re not eating any apples from the snack machines. Salt and sugar are your only substance.


Day 3, evening:

Someone, somewhere, inevitably makes a joke that you could be a “stripper” or “find yourself a sugar daddy.” Obviously, we could, but WE ARE HERE TO BE EDUCATED.


Day 4, morning:

That essay you started writing a few days ago still hasn’t written itself and God-forbid anyone create any useful technology. It’s due in 5 hours and you haven’t read the original articles, you start to throw in some quotes that probably will meet the page limit.


Day 4, afternoon:

Who cares if you just ended your essay with a quote from a has-been pop singer? You turn it in and your professor mutters “thanks” as if he doesn’t remember the days when he spent hours throwing song-lyrics into essays in college.


Day 4, evening:

You probably can’t even write your name on a paper without feeling completely overworked. The last time you showered you also had a social life, which you don’t anymore, either because of the obscene amount of work or the lack of showering. We don’t know.


Day 5, morning:

You still haven’t slept. You still haven’t eaten. You’re falling a part at the seams. But it is the last day, you can trade showering and all forms of contact for thirty more minutes of cramming.


Day 5, afternoon:

You leave your last final and the week seems like a blur, you can barely recall the nights leading up till this moment, and to be honest, you handled it like a champ.

Day 5, evening:

You did it. You’re done. You know your body desperately wants a pillow but on the other hand, you never remember the nights you got plenty of rest.


You didn’t have time to read this article, study up! And Happy Finals from all of us here at Her Campus Utah. 

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