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Finals Fashion: Easy Outfits for the Stressful Weeks Ahead

We all know what happens during finals week: record amounts of sleep deprivation, stress, and the entertaining but terrifying occasional nervous breakdown by some poor student in the library. On a personal level, it gets a little worse- with all the cramming of six months of college education into three days, we’re lucky if we remember to brush our teeth. Looking good during finals week isn’t, and shouldn’t be, at the very top of our to-do list but it doesn’t mean we stumble out of our dorms looking like zombies either. Below, we at HC Utah have some inspiration for easy outfits during the most stressful week of the semester.

I love the laid-back vibe of this outfit with the loose graphic sweatshirt and minimal accessories. The boots can be swapped out during warm weather for some cute flats or sneakers.

Nude pumps are definitely a no-no while running between buildings on campus, but the loose blouse and fitted jeans are PERFECT.

This is a cute alternative, especially given the bipolar spring weather we’ve been having. Layering tights under a frilly skirt help keep you warm without overheating, and comfy flats and a simple necklace complete the look. Check out a couple more outfits below and all you’ll have to worry about next week is a couple projects and papers. Piece of cake! Kinda.

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