A Few Modern Books to Add to Your Reading List

We are often told to read the same books, i.e. the "true classics" that changed the literature world. Although these books may hold value in our lives, they might leave a bad taste in your mouth regarding future reading. I’m here to tell you of some modern-ish reads that you should consider giving a chance.


The Harry Potter Series

I am a true lover of Harry Potter. A true masterpiece collection written by J.K. Rowling leaves everyone on the edge of their seats. This might be a cliché pick but it is one that I couldn’t leave out. There is nothing better than getting so hooked on a series that you cannot spend a day without reading. For me this is one of those series, and it could be for you too!



I go through phases of loving non-fiction. There is something special about reading personal stories, especially ones of resilience. Unbroken is one of those stories. Written by Laura Hillenbrad, she tells the story of a man named Louis who crashes his plane in 1943 and had to defy all odds to survive under harsh conditions. There are many lessons you can learn from a story this beautiful. I’ll leave you to discover the details yourself. 


Crazy Rich Asians

I’m a sucker for a good love story. Written by Kevin Kwan, Crazy Rich Asians dives into Rachel Chu’s life with her boyfriend Nick. She is unaware that he is one of the most eligible bachelors in Asia. I love that this book takes you to Singapore and gives you vivid images of her experience with the trials Nick’s family proposes. This was one of the books I was not able to put down. If you love some drama, this is the book for you. 


Big Little Lies 

This book written by Liane Moriarty is full of twists and turns. There is nothing about this story that is boring. I am a crime lover and this book is filled with secrets, scandals, and a tragic accident… or was it a murder? If you have not watched the hit HBO series on this story, read the book, and it makes it even more interesting. Follow the lives of these three women and see how their stories intertwine. 


While these are just a few of my favorite picks- there are so many books out there waiting to be discovered. Go to a local bookstore and shop around in the different genres. There are so many stories waiting to be unfolded! Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to just read the classics in order to be a successful reader. Take a chance!

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