F*ck You Society For Creating Labels

My title tells you the main point of this article. But now that we're talking, why did society create labels for us?

Now when I talk about labels, I don't mean us titling what is ours, for example, that new hairbrush I just bought, or any other form of personal property that I own. I'm talking about the harsh words that society lays down on us that determine how we stand in this world. We all know the common ones: 'slut', 'fake', any type of eating disorder (anorexic, bulimic); but what about the personal, sexual representations? The sexual representations that we establish ourselves to let others know what we want: 'gay', 'bisexual', 'transgender', you name it. When it comes to sexual identities, there are always controversial debates going on with others about how transgender people are strange, or that being gay isn't normal.

How you feel about someone should NOT have a label. 


Society wants us to think that we are entitled to a certain title that defines who we are to others. Whether it be how we act towards others or even feel towards different or certain individuals, what and how we feel requires a label. Because of this social phenomenon, people are afraid to show their true colors to the world because of how everyone will perceive them. Why can't people do what people want without having to name themselves a certain title? Why should the hell we 'label' ourselves? You doing you are the best thing you all can do. 

If I were to label myself, recently, I came out as 'bisexual' through my Snapchat and Instagram and if we're being honest, it wasn't that hard to do. However, I remember shooting my video many different times just to create the right vibe because one, I don't do well with touchy subjects, and two, I wanted to get the right personification so people wouldn't view me a different way. Yet, after months of wondering what I wanted, I encouraged myself by thinking. "F*ck society and its labels, I'm just gonna do whatever I want," and that was also a similar quote that one of my best friends said. I learned that having this mentality of hating labels can make your sexuality, and even sanity, so much better. 



I personally know a lot of individuals going through the same, brutal mentality of creating a new name for themselves, just because of the type of satisfaction that they want. Well, I'm here to say that you do NOT have to listen to society whatsoever. Go by your own book - do whatever you want!

If you're a girl and you want a boy, go get a boy. If you want a girl, go get a girl, vice versa. Sexuality labels shouldn't dictate your life, they're only words. Your actions are the aspect that will conquer the words attacked at you by society.