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Get ready to crank up your thermostat — and maybe some holiday music if you’re up for it — because sweater weather is here in full force. As I sit here writing this article, snuggled up with a blanket and tea as the rain drizzles outside, I can only think that this is such a stereotypical first day of November. While the forecast outside may be dreary, the November fashion forecast certainly isn’t. This month, the trends are all about being extra AF while staying cozy as the temperatures drop.

When I was younger, I had this vision of myself sitting at a café in Paris, wearing a beret and fishnet tights and reading a book. While fishnet tights are not strictly a French accessory (idk why I’ve always associated them with Parisian style), a classic French beret adds sophistication to any outfit. They’ve recently made a resurgence in the fashion community thanks to being prominently featured in Chanel’s 2018-2019 runway in Paris. I chose a blush pink to stand out against the black jacket but opting for simple colors such as grey, black, or tan can help pull an outfit together without feeling too over the top if you’re not used to wearing hats. J’adore this trend and you’ll probably find me wearing a beret for the rest of the season. There’s no better way to hide my roots, keep my head warm, and look like cute little macaron all at the same time.

Brand: H&M

Price: $12.99

Every fall and winter season, my Pinterest style board somehow ends up with multiple pictures of coats similar to this one. I had never dared to buy one because they were always too expensive and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull off something so blatantly dramatic. This year the tides have turned because I found this jacket for $15 at my local thrift store and I also started wearing whatever I want, whenever I want. Faux fur jackets make a splash every time the cold weather starts to set in, and this year is no exception. Seriously, just google the name of any major retailer followed by the word ‘jackets’ and see what comes up. These big cozy jackets will absolutely be the statement piece of your outfit, but they can be dressed down when paired with simple pieces. You can only tone down a massive faux fur jacket so much though, and that’s absolutely okay regardless of whatever your family has to say about it around the dinner table at Thanksgiving. Did I walk into Whole Foods to buy groceries right after this photo shoot? Yes. Did I feel fabulous while doing it? Also yes.

Brand: Ladakh X UO

Price: $14.99 at my local thrift store

The shift towards warmer clothes doesn’t end here. You can transition both of these items into your holiday wardrobe for an extra touch of glam and pair them with whatever trends are in store for us next month. In the meantime, enjoy the chilly weather and cozy fashion trends before the snowstorms start to blow in and ruin everyone’s fun. Catch you next month!



Hannah is a Senior at the University of Utah studying Kinesiology and Sports Nutrition. When she isn’t in class or working at one of her jobs, you can find her hiking with her dogs, reading, or fervently adding more pictures to her Pinterest Style board with a chai latte in hand. Find her on Instagram @hannahjanelangley
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