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Fall is here and with winter fast approaching, it is finally time to pull out all those coats and boots you’ve been hiding! So many fun trends are coming around this season and people have been getting so creative already! Here are a few trends to look out for and maybe integrate into your fall/winter wardrobe.



Leather has come back in style after waiting in the wings for quite a while. More than ever before people are embracing leather clothing, likely because familiar brands are making them feel more approachable. Zara’s faux leather pants and joggers are a great starting point. Another leather staple is a leather blazer, a little more casual than a regular blazer yet still striking! Tall leather boots are always a fall favorite as well.


Doc Martens have made a widespread comeback in recent years, and they’re not going anywhere. The platform styles of Docs are a fall favorite, as are platform styles of many types of shoes. Cowboy boots have made a sudden resurgence, a bold way to spice up any look! The classic heeled black boot is my fall/winter go-to. Most shoe brands have some variation of a black boot, making them accessible to anyone. They are a fantastic staple and work with every outfit!


Skinny jeans are out, and the time for ankle jeans is slowly closing. Now, long denim and linen pants are stepping up! Whether from Walmart, Zara, or Levis, people have been finding awesome straight leg jeans all over. Another trend we see is linen pants. To make it more fall/winter friendly, pair with boots or sneakers instead of sandals! It may seem a little “9-to-5,” but, if done right, they can really elevate an outfit!


The cropped cardigan trend will for sure carry over into the next season. A cute style, but with the cold weather coming, layering options are more ideal. Throw a denim jacket, a trench, or a long coat over it to complete the look! For another layered look, spice sweatshirts up by wearing a collared shirt underneath. Hoodies and sweatshirts are easy to thrift and a lot of smaller brands have released fun designs lately. Or you could use the top half of your favorite quarantine sweatsuit! Pair with jeans and boots for a full look


Gold hoop earrings are always a reliable staple. Pearl everything is coming back around and being reclaimed by the young! Chunky rings are another fun accessory that can be added to elevate an outfit and don’t have to be worn 24/7. Big hair claw clips are also popping back up. Find one in a tortoiseshell print or a pastel color to really brighten up the outfit! Etsy is a great resource to find accessories and support small businesses at the same time.

Happy styling!

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