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FALL in Love with These Fall Accessories

As we move further into fall, I am constantly blindsided by the sudden temperature changes. It’s cold in the early morning and late at night, but for a good chunk of the day it can get insanely hot. Here are some cute accessories that will keep you warm/cool and bring a flare of fall into your outfits.   




Beanies have recently become a popular trend on the internet and on campus, and there are so many ways to wear them. You could, for example, wear one with your hoodie, over your snapback, etc., and they provide a nice way to spice up your outfits. Personally, I think that bolder is better when it comes to the color of beanies. Carhartt has cute beanies in multiple colors for roughly $15. If you haven’t yet, go get yourself a beanie or two for this fall! 


Fuzzy socks


A really cute trend that has been going on for a while are cute fuzzy socks that show a tiny bit over your boots. It is a classic fall look that I am sure you have seen around campus before. You can pair this trend with any outfit; I’ve seen it with dresses and/or jeans. It is a relatively cheap trend, but it can bring fall to your outfits. 


Layers! Layers! Layers!


Layers are a good way to keep warm and elevate your clothing. As the temperature drops, we want to just throw on a giant winter jacket and call it a day. However, to keep insulated and stay warm throughout the day, it is better to have layers within your outfits. Not to mention, layering clothes (especially for fall) is super cute, and you’re able to have outfit combinations that you can switch up and wear multiple times a week. Layers are definitely a craft and something that you have to master, but once you perfect the art, it is definitely a go-to look. 


Oversized sweaters


Oversized sweaters have recently hit the media and have become a very trendy fall outfit. I personally enjoy wearing an oversized sweater over a skirt or a dress. The sweater can bring a pop of color to your outfits and bring some depth and layers. 


Fall is a really fun season to experiment with outfits and try out new accessories. It’s the perfect mixture between wearing warm and summery clothing, and it’s a good way to spice up outfits in an affordable and easy way. Happy outfit hunting this fall!


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