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Break out your sweaters, pull out your favorite booties, and light that fall candle that has been waiting on your desk, collecting dust for months. When fall rolls around, everyone is ready for a revamp. We love summer and sun, but who doesn’t get excited to pull out their best fall decor? These decorations take all shapes of sizes, from pumpkins to spider webs, leaves to skeletons. Everyone has a different way to decorate and celebrate the fall, but most people don’t realize that their decorations fall within specific themes. These themes set their aesthetic for the season– so what do you see for your own aesthetic?

Fall Farmhouse Aesthetic

One of the most popular of the fall aesthetics is the fall farmhouse. In this aesthetic, colors are muted, picking up colors from wood and neutrals. Decorations are very centered in nature. Flowers and pumpkins and leaves galore. This is a gorgeous aesthetic that can last long through the season and give a very homey feel. Pieces you may use to decorate in this aesthetic include hay, pumpkins, plaids, leaves, and cornstalks.

Pastel Aesthetic

This aesthetic is exactly as it sounds– all about the pastels! The pinks, the blues, throw in a dash of purple, and maybe a smudge of grey. This aesthetic is very fun, it can feel cartoonish and bright. Things in the fall can feel dark and gloomy at times, and while some people relish every second of it, this aesthetic is for those people that want to keep it bright and lively.

Urban Aesthetic

Picture this– you’ve just arrived at Target and you’re headed to the dollar section. There are cute balloons that say “boo,” some fun Halloween confetti, there may even be a skeleton or two for you to place in fun position. This aesthetic is all about being modern and trendy with the style that you use for fall. It can feel more minimalist than other styles, but you get the fall aesthetic while being very classic and up to date with your style!

Vintage Aesthetic

While the last aesthetic was very modern, this goes the entirely different direction. There are a lot of really cute vintage patterns and decorations for people to find in decor nowadays. A lot of things that are really cute can even be handmade or passed down through family! This style tends to incorporate older fabrics and a rustic feel.

Dark Academia Aesthetic

Before you ask, yes, dark academia is its very own aesthetic. People live their whole lives with this aesthetic, creating outfits and decor around it, creating collections to see the whole vibe come together in every area. This aesthetic is hugely popular on Tik Tok right now, with views on the tag at over 118 million. Even though it is around and very popular all the time, this is an aesthetic that has huge tie ins for the fall. Making this aesthetic specific to the fall may include using a lot of dark and deep colors, lots of minimal patterns, as well as lot of candles, books, and leaves. This aesthetic is tied to lots of old libraries, but in connection with Halloween it is also tied a lot to witches.

While there is no way that every fall aesthetic could ever fit into one space, this is a great start to finding a style and making it your own. Take two of these ideas and put them together, get gory and scary with your aesthetic if that is your style, or if you wish summer would never end, why have a new aesthetic at all? Whatever you decide, have fun with it and make it your own. Happy fall y’all!

Mallory is a sociology major at the University of Utah. She enjoys spending her time catching up on the newest Netflix shows, reading books, or trying to be a little creative.
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