The Faim Takes The Depot

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – It’s a rainy night in the city, but that didn’t stop The Faim from bringing electricity to the stage, making their highly anticipated return to Utah at the notorious downtown venue, The Depot. Following Her Campus Utah’s opportunity to interview the band, we were just as eager to see the Perth natives take the stage. 

The Faim was the second band to take the stage this Tuesday, warming the crowd up for a performance by headliner Andy Black. Opening band Kulick left the audience on a high, making it easy for The Faim to take the energy to the next level. 

Though the Depot offers a smaller stage space, the band’s energy took up the whole venue. No inch of the stage was left untouched as the band came out swinging with “Saints of the Sinners.” Frontman Josh Raven’s undeniable passion for music becomes clear within seconds of him stepping foot on the stage, and he is clearly eager to please his audience. Raven shows a close connection to the crowd, to the point one would think he was performing to a room full of his oldest friends, even making a few trips through the center of the crowd (unaccompanied by security). Even with their lead-singer absent from the stage, the hypnotizing intensity continued through guitarist Samuel Tye, drummer Linden Marissen, and Stephen Beerkens, who serves as both the bassist and keyboardist. It is clear each member is committed to their performance, giving each and every part of themselves to the crowd and the music.

When the opening cords of their EP title track “Summer Is a Curse” hit the air, an infectious energy immediately followed, triggering an enthusiastic crowd singalong. By the time the band had wrapped up their last song, they were met with roars of approval from the audience- no one was ready for them to leave the stage. 

Though The Faim aren’t a household name yet, they are well on their way to become rock royalty. It can be assumed any audience member who was unaware of The Faim was downloading their music on the drive home. 

The Faim will continue though the United States, supporting Andy Black on his The Ghost of North America Tour. Checkout their upcoming tour dates here