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Eyelash Extensions: Where, What, and Why

Eyelash extensions. The look of fluttery, flirty lashes seem to be everywhere! You may be curious to know more if they are right for you. It is definitely a different experience and often there are many questions surrounding what exactly it entails. But fear not! This article should help clear some of things up and help you with your decision on getting eyelash extensions.


Where do you get your eyelashes done?

Thankfully we are in Utah, a state filled with many licensed lash artists. Prices here for eyelashes can be much cheaper than most of the country, because there are SO MANY OPTIONS. However, it can be dizzying just searching around for the right lash artist and price. One helpful tip is to check Living Social or Groupon to check out local deals. Many salons on these sites offer first time extensions for around $50-$100 (around 50% off what initial lash sets usually are). If you don’t know what salon to choose, these sites also have reviews from customers, as well as ratings to keep your mind at ease. Just be sure to go to someone who is a licensed lash artist/ technician! 

Now, you need to pick if you want a half set or full set of extensions (they also come in synthetic, silk, and mink, but synthetic is cheapest and most available). Many lash artists recommend you get a half set to get a feel for them, and see if they are right for you! A half set looks pretty natural, and cover about half your eyelashes. If you want to go for a full glam look right away, a full set of extensions (covering 90-100% of your eyelashes) might be the best choice.

What happens at your appointment?

When going to your first appointment, make sure to take off all eye makeup. Like, really scrub it off. Once that is done, you lay down on a large, cushy lounge for around two hours while they apply eyelash extensions on top of each individual eyelash. No, your natural eyelashes will not be taken off/fall off, and the adhesive will not make you go blind. Your lash artist will reassure you of this. Now what do you do for two hours? You can listen to music, fall asleep, or get to know your lash artist, whatever! You just need to keep your eyes shut the entire time. Getting to know your lash artist is really nice because you may be seeing them every few weeks for a lash refill, if you decide lash extensions are a good fit for you .

What is eyelash extension upkeep? 

After your appointment your lash artist will recommend not getting your eyelashes wet for 24 hours. You should also brush them twice a day with a spoolie, use oil free makeup and makeup remover, and clean your eyelashes at least 3 times a week. Surprise! Eyelash extensions require upkeep to make them last longer, and keep them looking great. But, in the end, it’s still easier than dealing with mascara every day. It is important to wash your eyelash extensions, because if you don’t, oil and dead skin cells will build up on your lashes. This makes extensions fall out faster and makes your eyes itchy (trust me I have made this mistake and it is no fun!) To clean your eyelashes, just put an oil free wash (like baby shampoo) on your spoolie, brush through, and wash (without scrubbing them). 

What next and why should I continue getting them?

Your eyelashes will last around 2-3 weeks until you need a refill. Yes, this seems like such a short time, but if you think about how much your natural eyelashes shed away anyway, the 2-3 week mark is reasonable. Whether or not you decide to continue eyelash extensions or take them out, you should see a lash artist again. DO NOT PICK OUT YOUR EYELASH EXTENSIONS I REPEAT DO NOT. I mean, you can do research on ways to take them out at home, but do you really want to risk losing your natural lashes? Not worth it. If you don’t like your eyelash extensions, see a lash artist who can take them out without taking your natural lashes along with the extension.

If you love your eyelashes and want to get a refill, it’ll cost you around $30- $50 for a half set and $50-$70 on a full set. I know. I know. It can be pricey to refill every few weeks, but eyelash extensions are a great form of self-care. It forces you to lay down for an hour every few weeks, and just relax. Refills usually last an hour. That is an hour every few weeks you get to set aside for yourself. You can vent all you want, or even take a relaxing nap. Your lash artist can become a great friend and therapist. On top of all these benefits of self-care, you also get to have glamorous eyelashes! 







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