Explore Independent Films this Season: Broadway Centre Theater

The days are getting colder, the Sun sets earlier, and the snow will soon begin to fall. What better time than now to start getting into independent films at local theaters in cozy areas throughout Salt Lake? This calls for a relaxed time out in a comfy reclined seat paired with inspiring films!

“See film differently” is the motto of the Salt Lake Film Society. My first experience with the Broadway Centre Theater felt different than I was used to, to say the least. First, I got a ticket from the ticket booth located outside the building under the florescent lights showcasing ongoing shows. This location happens to be next to an attractive restaurant with lights strung around the windows, and other intriguing buildings on Broadway Street near the heart of Downtown Salt Lake. Next, a lovely lady collected tickets and gave directions to the showing, although I only saw a couple of rooms where they project films. The concessions consisted of edamame, candy, donuts, teas, and soft drinks; I’m not sure why these aren’t found in other theaters because this combination of snacks seems incredibly satisfying. 

As someone who has only seen a few independent films, I didn’t really have any expectations when I accepted an invitation to see Jojo Rabbit at this theater. It is about World War Two and technically falls under the drama/comedy genre, but I overhead someone refer to it as an “anti-hate satire” film as the theater was clearing out, and I think this latter description is most fitting. Adolf Hitler is the imaginary friend of the main character, Jojo (a young German boy aspiring to be a Nazi). The audience and I laughed at the boy’s imaginary Hitler, felt sympathetic towards the mother's (played by Scarlett Johansson) charismatic single parenting, and cried due to loss and the reality of this World War. Within a two minute span towards the end of the film, I felt a wide range of emotions which left me confused and amazed at the artistic portrayal of this impactful historical event. This film has inspired me to be more aware of the independent film community. 

There are many new films as of November, including Pain and Glory, a Spanish film with English subtitles about a film director’s past and present, as well as how he is to continue his film career. Although it is entirely in Spanish, the commercial I saw left me intrigued by the portrayal of this director’s life that is communicated through more than just words.

Another film I am going to be checking out is Harriet, which is about freedom fighter Harriet Tubman, her escape from slavery, and her historical impact on many people. All can be seen at the Broadway Centre Theater this month!

There is more good news! Tickets are cheap ($7.50 for a ticket) even when purchasing them full price, and there are designated nights for students or individuals under 21 years old! Make sure to check the website times, locations (Broadway Street or 9th and 9th in Sugar House), events, and upcoming films of interest. 


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