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Everything You Need to Know About Having Your Nipples Pierced

Almost a year ago, I pulled a Kylie Jenner and got the girls bedazzled. Honestly, it was the most empowering decision I ever made. You guys can't imagine how hot and naughty you feel having this dirty little secret in a conservative state like Utah. In case any of you want to jump on the bandwagon, let me answer some of the questions I had when I first decided that I wanted my nips done.

How do I find the right studio? Consider safety your #1 priority. Read reviews and visit studios. Find a place that feels right to you. The last thing you want is to pay for an infection. Definitely don't select a place based on price. If you want a foreign object inserted into your body, be willing to pay the extra cash to have it done properly.

How much did it cost? I paid $35 total for the actual piercings and then $70 total for the jewelry. These prices vary depending on the studio so I suggest calling or emailing beforehand to find out the total cost. Did it hurt? It's different for everyone, but I don't think it hurt. I got them both done on the same day and I'd say the first one was 2/10 and the second one was 5/10. The first one didn't hurt as bad because the adrenaline and excitment blocked out the initial pain. 

Was there blood? Again, this is different for everyone. I didn't bleed initially or at any point afterward, however, I know girls that have had bras ruined after getting their piercings. My advice would be to plan accordingly and maybe buy a cheap bra you would be fine with destroying in case you do bleed.

What is the typical healing time? My piercer told me it would take up to a year. Since I haven't had mine for a full year yet I can't comment on the validity of this. I can say that one of mine is fully healed and the other one is nowhere close. Everyone's body is different. Just remember to keep up with your aftercare or it won't heal at all!

How long should my SO wait before touching them? Unfortunately, he/she will have to wait close to a year. You want to keep this area as clean as possible while it's healing. Mouths and hands have a lot of germs and you don't want them near any open wound. Just tell your significant other that it's worth not touching in the long run. If you keep your piercing clean, you'll heal faster and they can play with them sooner.

What did you do for aftercare? I can't tell you whether my method was perfect or not. Like I've mentioned before... everyone is different and what worked for me might not work for you. I can only tell you what personally worked for me.

FIRST MONTH: Wear a soft cotton bra all day even to bed. This will help you to avoid snagging your jewelry. Wash your bras a lot! Wear a new clean bra during the day and a different clean one at night. Do this everyday for a month or two. Do salt soaks 2-3 times a day for the first month, then reduce as needed. I also bought H2Ocean from my studio. Spray your piercings at least 3-4 times a day initially and clean as needed with a Q-tip. When your nipples are healing, they will have white gunk oozing out of them and it is especially important to clean that away ASAP. In addition to the soaks and H2Ocean, I also bought a fragrance free soap that I washed the area with every night while I showered.

AFTER THE FIRST MONTH: After the first month I still used the same products but utilized them less often. At around month three, I stopped sleeping in a bra and did soaks once a week. At almost a year later, I still wash them with fragrance free soap daily and soak them whenever I have time. As long as they are kept clean you shouldn't have any problems.


Do your research and find out if adding some bling to the girls is right for you!


Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor
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