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Every Character’s Zodiac Sign from “Frozen II”

When I saw Frozen II was available on Disney+ I watched it immediately. The current worldwide pandemic and social isolation are leaving me with some time on my hands, which leads to guessing people’s zodiac sign—an entertaining pastime I got from my friend Madi. The following estimates include some spoilers for Frozen II as well as a heavy dose of my personal opinions and understanding of the signs, I’m no expert but I am an Astrology Stan. 

ELSA — Scorpio. I don’t even want to write more because I feel like we all know it. There are Scorpio vibes from her ability to be completely alone and feel incredibly happy and free. Her emotional despair and self-reflective music numbers scream Scorpio, but Elsa evolves and accepts herself, using her emotions to further her powers and doing the right thing even when it’s hard. When the going gets tough, Scorpios get tougher, and Elsa never stopped once she put her heart into it. Her pursuit of inner peace is a water sign trait through and through. 

ANNA — Her focus alongside her sense of pride, purpose, and loyalty makes me think Anna is a lovely Leo. She cares about her loved ones more than anything but does what she has to do for the greater good of the people of her kingdom. She unabashedly looked at the truth and shared it with everyone immediately. Though she doesn’t see it in herself at first, Anna is a natural-born leader. She’s able to lead with passion and excitement, giving the people of Arendelle a blissful place to call home. Anna is led by her heart, and like a lot of Leos, she lets her gut feeling guide her.

OLAF — Olaf our baby! He’s a Cancer and I love him. Though he must have an Aquarius moon or something. He’s still happy and loves warm hugs, but like the other characters, he evolved in this film and thus felt other emotions such as anger and betrayal, and powerful love for and from those he cares about. He’s truly living his best life when he’s surrounded by his loved ones, a very Cancerian trait. Olaf also finds the balance of adapting to scenarios that I associate with the crab embodiment of Cancers, who live in both water and land. 

KRISTOFF — I feel like Kristoff has to be an earth sign, Taurus is my feeling. He’s goofy, cuddly, and has a great sense of humor. But Kristoff also works through tough situations and gives the much-needed source of grounding energy for the people he cares about. His love ballad in the middle of the movie (complete with Sven and other reindeer backup singers) really moved his character into a new dimension emotionally. When Kristoff and Anna were reunited he didn’t ask questions first, he loved her so much that he listened to and trusted her while being chased by boulder giants. His love supports Anna and never smothers her, and when he confidently said “our love is not fragile,” I almost had a heart attack. 

In all honesty, I was blown away by Frozen II. The plot was exciting, the characters evolved themselves as well as their connections, and the design was even more detailed and beautiful than the first movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, Frozen II is now streaming on Disney+. 

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