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Entertainment For True Crime Lovers

If you clicked on this article – you are probably a true crime lover. I find myself constantly looking for new entertainment on true crime stories. While there are many options to available, I am going to recommend a few of my favorite picks from the world of TV series and podcasts.

TV Series 

Making A Murderer (Netflix): 

A story that is filled with twists and turns so captivating that it keeps you on your feet and wanting more. Follow Steven Avery on his journey to try and prove his innocence (for the second time) and decide for yourself if he is innocent, or not. 


Conversations with a Killer – The Ted Bundy Tapes (Netflix): 

A story that hits a little too close to home. Ted Bundy terrorized multiple states, including Utah, before being caught in 1978. This four-episode series details Bundy’s killing spree and how he charmed his way through his murders.


Dateline (Television): 

One of my personal favorites, Dateline has it all. If you get bored easily by multiple episode series, Dateline details different murders, disappearances, in one-hour episodes which includes past and current investigations. It premiered in 1992 and has stayed on air since, leaving many episodes to choose from. You can stream it on NBC, find episodes on YouTube, or catch it on television.



My Favorite Murder (Spotify and Apple Podcast): 

Hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, My Favorite Murder has broken download records and taken the weird, bad, and ugly and somehow made it entertaining and impossible to stop listening to. Originally comedians, these two pick a murder to talk about each week and release it on Thursdays. They also have “minisodes” which last half the time and are premiered on Mondays. They emphasize compassion for victims and talk about problematic themes throughout true crime stories. 


The Thing About Pam (Spotify and Apple Podcast): 

A dateline special that follows a woman named Pam and shows how her life intertwines with three crimes. Pam is often overinvolved and willing to help in cases and somehow avoids speculation. This six-episode series shows her diabolical plans and how they are often overlooked.


Dateline (Spotify and Apple Podcast):

If you aren’t into watching Dateline, you can now listen to it. Now available on streaming platforms, you can listen to their in-depth investigations, powerful stories, and classic true-crime mysteries while on the go.


 While you are browsing Netflix or finding something new to listen to give one of these a try!

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