Emergency Halloween Costumes

It's that time of year again -- the time for procrastinating a costume until the last minute because midterms are crushing your soul. It's Halloween, like, literally today. Maybe you’ve got a late party you need an outfit for or you need a simple costume to take your niece trick-or-treating in -- either way it's not too late to come up with a killer costume. 

Animal ears plus a bodysuit are always a good last minute costume. All you have to do is get the ears. You don’t even really need a bodysuit, you can just wear monochromatic clothes and it still works. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even do cute animal makeup!

A classic tropical tourist costume is also always a good option. All you really need is the hawiian shirt and some cargo shorts! If you’d like to you can spice it up with a straw hat and a flower leigh, but the shirt will still give people the right idea. Plus maybe dressing for summer will make it come back a little faster!

You could also cress up as the Bachelor or Bachelorette, or a beauty pageant contestant. This gives you an excellent excuse to wear an old high-school-dance dress again and look absolutely fabulous!  This costume is really all in the outfit and could need some explaining, but it's also super simple and easy to throw together.  One humourous costume you could try is Regina George from Mean Girls. The scene that comes to mind is the one where holes are cut in her tank top over her breasts and it catches on as a trend. This is easy to do with an old tank top or to buy a cheap one from the thrift store and just pair it with clothes you already have! The real effort comes in when you cut circles out of the perfect spot in the shirt.

Some of my favorite simple costumes are ones that are physical representations of common phrases. You can be “holy guacamole,” a “smart cookie,” or a “formal apology.” The list goes on and on. Just think about some of your favorite common phrases and make a costume! It's even better if you have a specific phrase you say a lot that could be made into a costume.Another idea is to think of costumes where you can tape common items to yourself and make it funny. My favorite example of this is a “Movie Theater Floor,” just tape candy boxes and popcorn to a black outfit! You could also be a “Sock Goblin,” the creature who seems to only steal left socks. You also could simply be “trash."

Hopefully you have found your own last minute costume in this list and if not, you at least have some inspiration for your own idea!

Image Source: 123456