Eight Docuseries you Need to be Watching

    If you’re anything like me and you enjoy some quality docuseries in your free time, then you’ve come to the right place! Here is the docuseries list of your dreams:


  1. Wild, Wild Country:

This series chronicles the story of a cult that began in India and eventually moved to a rural town in Oregon, including interviews with the cult leaders right hand woman, DA’s, and, yes, even the FBI. This is the Waco that you’ve heard of.

       2. Dark Tourist:

I’ll be totally honest, this is not a show for everyone. If you are a fan of the macabre, then this is for sure the show for you. Follow a journalist from New Zealand as he travels the world exploring dark tourist spots. A trend where people intentionally go to places dark history. Join David as he meets Popeye, Pablo Escobar’s personal assassin, attempts to cross dangerous Turkish Borders, and experiences Voodoo possessions.

     3. The Keepers:

A sort of twist on a true crime series, The Keepers tells the story of a murdered nun and the dark secrets that may have lead to her death. This has all the real life plot twist of a soap opera, including, a potentially murderous bishop, forbidden love, repressed memories, oh, and deeply hidden church secrets. This series is truly one of my personal all time favorites and left me at the edge of my seat the whole time.

    4. World’s Most Extraordinary Homes:

A much lighter show in comparison to some of the others on this list, although just as magnificent, World's Most Extraordinary Homes is my Pinterest dreams come to life, essentially two quippy Brits travel the world exploring, well, the world’s most extraordinary homes. Each episode is broken up by geography i.e the mountains, and leaves you wishing you had millions of dollars to throw at building your own home.

     5. The Staircase:

Another crime series, and critically acclaimed, the series follows the story an author turned “Staircase Killer” as he gets put on trial for the murder of his wife. During the investigation, all of his deepest darkest secrets are brought to the surface, including the fact that he lied about some of his war stories, oh yeah --and his potential other victim. Another riveting series to binge.

    6. Chef’s Table:

If you haven’t already heard of this show, then you must have been living under a rock. This show showcases food and food making in the most stunning of lights. With an incredible score and filmography. You’ll be salivating the whole episode. If you’ve already binged this series try one of the newest additions to the Chef’s Table family, including, Chef’s Table: France, or Chef’s Table: Desserts.

     7. Afflicted:

One of the newest series on this list, Afflicted follows the story of seven people with the most peculiar of chronic diseases. showcasing the toll it takes on those closest to them, the financial detriment they take on, and whether or not it’s all actually in their minds. This show compiles the oddest of medical conditions and leaves you wondering if it’s all just one big mind game.  

     8. Explained:

One of the only series that gets updated weekly. Explained is, well, just as it sounds -- a show that explains the most confounding of questions. Covering topics such as marijuana, tattoos, cryptocurrency, and the female orgasm, Explained tackles seemingly complex ideas in the simplest of ways.

Well fellow colligates, I hope that you enjoy this list as much as I do, and that it gave you plenty of binge worthy material!

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