Earthquake Prep 101

In the past two months, the University of Utah Seismograph Stations (UUSS) have located 160 earthquakes in Bluffdale, Utah. Although that might sound like a terrifying number, most of the earthquakes have been below a magnitude of 1.0. Thirteen of these were considered foreshocks and 146 of them were aftershocks. The largest of all the quakes had a magnitude of 3.7 that woke up several residents at 5:09 AM on February 13th. 


Bluffdale City resides close to the Wasatch fault. According to the UUSS, they could have a relation to the Wasatch or could even be occurring on a minor, unnamed fault. Utah residents are now wondering when the “big one” is coming. While never knowing when a major earthquake is going to hit is scary, there are still safety precautions one can take in natural disasters like this.


1. Survival Kit

It’s always great stocking up and keeping a survival kit nearby. Since you never know when a disaster will hit, it’s best to prepare beforehand. The most necessary items are probably water, a flashlight, non-perishable food, copies of important documents, extra batteries, medication and hygiene products. Be sure to keep the kit somewhere you will be able to grab it and go.


2. Drop, Cover and Hold

If you’re indoors when an earthquake starts, the Great Utah ShakeOut recommends the individual to drop, cover and hold. This means to drop on your hands and knees right where you are, cover your head and neck with one arm or travel over to a sturdy table, and hold on until the shaking stops. 


3. Myths are Myths

A common belief we once had was to stand under a doorway. In fact, a modern house door is no safer than the rest of the house. It will definitely be safer to hide under a table/desk. Another one we have been told is to run outside, but again the building is moving and objects are flying off the ground. You would want to keep away from windows and doorways in case there is a collapse. Walking or running would be dangerous because of the shaking ground.


Let’s hope the “big one” stays dormant for now. Even so, it’s safe to consider the options you have and to take any tips that come to you for the future.