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Dorm room survival checklist

Moving out? No need to worry your pretty little mind over what to bring to school this year. We did all the list-making dirty work for you. It’s printable and you won’t be missing a thing!

__ Sheet Set and matching comforter/throw pillows- The dorms at the U are Twin Extra Long
__ Mattress Pad- Trust us, you’ll want one.
__ Clothing- Time to look cute for school!
__ Hangers- If you’ll be sharing a closet with your roomie, it’s a great idea to get your own hanger color so your stuff doesn’t g
et mixed up.
__ Laundry Basket/Detergent/Dryer Sheets- Portability is key!
__ Storage totes- They fit perfectly under the beds and look oh-so organized.
__ Full Length Mirror
__ Small Appliances – Microwave, mini-fridge, TV. Make sure to coordinate with your roommate to help save on costs.
__ Décor- Personalize your room to make it feel like home. Use adhesive hooks instead of nails to keep the walls free of damage.

__ Shower Supplies- Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Razor, shaving cream
__ Shower caddy- It will help keep your items separate from everyone else’s.
__ Air Freshener
__Hand Soap
__ Make-Up Organizer/Make-Up
__Fingernail Polish/ Remover
__ Lotion/Perfume
__ Hair Care Products
__ Toilet Paper/Feminine Hygiene Products
__ Towels and Washcloths- At least 2 of each.
__ Bathrobe- Target.com has some really cute ones!

__ Dish Soap/Sponge
__Vacuum -These are available for free at the HC, but having your own is an almost necessity.
__Glass cleaner
__Shower cleaner/Sponge
__ Disinfectant Wipes
__Mop for Bathroom Floor
__Toilet Cleaner/Brush
__Cleaning Schedule- Rotate deep cleaning the bathroom once per week and write it down so everyone is accountable. You can also rotate purchasing cleaning supplies or split the cost.

__ Backpack
__Desk Lamp
__Stapler-A mini-stapler for your backpack is nice to have, too.
__Pen/Pencil Holder for your desk
__Pens, Pencils, Markers, Highlighters
__Headphones-Noise blocking headphones are recommended.
__ Laptop/Printer/Paper/Ink- Or you can print in the Marriot Library or a computer lab for $0.08 per sheet.
__File Folders- Great for organizing important paperwork your mom always kept track of for you.

__ Healthy Snacks-No freshman 15 here!
__Work Out Supplies
__ Emergency Supply Kit- Include a flashlight, tools, first aid kit, nonperishable snacks, and emergency contact info.
__Band aids/Pain killer/any other prescriptions or medications you might need
__ Sewing Kit- For those little tears and loose buttons.
__ Surge Protector/Extension Cord
__ Umbrella- Unfortunately, rain isn’t a valid excuse for missing class.
__Docking Station for your MP3 or IPOD/Phone Charger
__ Weekender bag- For those holiday and weekend trips home.
__ A Lanyard/Card holder for your U Card and Room key- You’ll need both to get into your building/room. They are easy to lose and expensive to replace, so a big lanyard that holds both will be your BFF.
__ Mini safe- You’ll be surprised how many people will be in and out of your room.
__ Door stop- Keeping your door open while you are at home is a great way to get to know your neighbors.

Leaving home, meeting new roommates, and starting a new semester are enough to worry about. We’ve got everything you’ll need!

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