Dealing with Difficult Roommates as Told by The Office

Bad roommates: we all have them at some point in our lives, and we may even be a bad roommate at one time or another. But that doesn't make dealing with these roommates and their annoying habits any less frustrating. Have no fear, the Scranton Branch of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company definitely understands this frustration. Here is a list of things that your annoying roommate(s) might do that the members of The Office can definitely empathize with.


When you are trying to work quietly in your room and your roommate takes a phone call in the room:

You take your calls outside when they’re home, so why can’t they?


When they never change the toilet paper or paper towel roll:

Really, how hard is it to put a roll of paper on a metal bar?


Your reaction when you find their hair in the shower:

Are you pulling your hair out, and putting it on the walls? Why don’t you just act like a human being, and rinse it down the drain?


When they leave dirty dishes in the sink for days:

I am pretty sure they have soaked long enough…


How you feel when you find their stuff EVERYWHERE

How is it possible to have this much stuff?


When they leave globs of toothpaste in the sink:

Save yourself some money, and some roommate frustration by just USING LESS TOOTHPASTE.


If they never take out the trash:

How do you feel morally ok with leaving of those boxes in our super small trash can, without taking it out?


When you are dying of heat and they turn on the heater:

What are you? A lizard??


When they are super loud while you are sleeping:

There’s no way I can go back to sleep now! I am quietly seething.


After they eat all of your food:

Ummmmm what? Did you pay for those groceries??


When they play videos/music out loud while you are studying:

Someone please teach my roommate about headphones.


When they take/use your stuff without asking:

Were you not taught any manners at all?


If they refuse to help in cleaning the common areas:

You live here too ya know? You definitely helped contribute to this mess.


When you are already mad at them and they do literally anything:

Seriously, bad roommates can be a terrible thing, but, whether you want to admit it or not, you will grow as a person by living with them. So my advice to you: live with your roommates, and choose your battles. And if you decide to confront them about their annoying habits, know that you won’t be with them for too much longer. It may be hard, but you can handle it (That’s what she… nevermind).

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