The Crown: The Netflix Original You Need To Watch

If you're like me, you are always looking for a new show to watch on Netflix. Some of the most popular shows on the streaming site right now are shows that are produced by Netflix. One of these Netflix originals is called “The Crown,” and follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. This show first came available in November, but I was too busy with school to even think about watching it. I decided to finally start watching it when I was bored one day over winter break. My boyfriend isn’t as interested in history or politics as me, but I was able to convince him to watch it with me. We were both instantly hooked, and watched the first season in a matter of days.

Netflix only has one season of the show right now, with ten episodes, but the second season is set to come out toward the end of the year. The show’s creator revealed that they plan to release six seasons that cover the different eras of the Queen’s historic reign. The first season covers the time leading up to Elizabeth becoming the Queen all the way to Winston Churchill resigning as prime minister in 1955.

This show truly has something for everyone. Historically, the show is very accurate, and shows us several angles of this great leader, including marriage problems between the Queen and Prince Philip, the Queen denying her sister the ability to marry the man she wanted, the relationship between the Queen and the prime minister, and family issues in the Monarchy with the Queen’s uncle.

In addition to the interesting story that’s told by this show, the quality of the show is also breathtaking. The sets are extremely elaborate, in and out of the palace, and there are also many beautiful landscape shots. Simply put, this is a very pretty show. If you have the four screen Netflix, which is $11.99 a month, this show is also available in 4K Ultra HD, as long as your television is compatible.

If you’re sick of all the discussion about politics the last few months, maybe the best way to take your mind off of it is by watching a show about the government, and problems, of a different country!