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Crimson Nightmare: Expectation VS Reality

Twice a semester, the U puts on a school hosted party where students can socialize and have fun with a sense of security. Students always know what to expect at these kinds of functions, however, every now and then our beloved universities catch us by surprise.

Expectation: Pizza

Free pizza, pretty sure from Big Daddy’s, is what every starving and cheap college student looks for at these school-hosted parties. 

Reality: Bagels? And candy! Lots of bagels and candy.

Expectation: A big looooooong line.

Apparently, that huge line full of yelling people looking to par-tay does not arrive until much after the party has already started.

Reality: Thus, walk right in at or around 10:50 PM and miss the Chinese cutters.

Expectation: Bunny ears (#guilty), mice, superheroes and morphsuits 

Those easy, last-minute costumes or none at all tend to be what young people afraid of what others think dress-up as at costume parties. But Utes never cease to surprise, hence,

Reality: People. Got. FREAKY. Full face paint? Blood? Gore? Yes, a few super-hero T-shirts and morph suits boogied on the dance floor, but the amount of actual thoughtful costumes was much greater than in previous years.

Expectation: Bagels

By midnight, the munchies hit after all of that dancin’ and socializin’. Concluding that free bagels at midnight is better than nothing,

Reality: Pizza? It came back! Free pizza is better than everything.

Expectation: Beer pong

Okay…. not really… but….

Reality: Water pong. Why people enjoy this game is something I will never understand. Alas, the U recognizes its popularity and has provided it twice now this year.

Expectation: An ehh haunted house

Every Halloween-themed Crimson Nights, the Freshman Year Council (FYC) puts together a haunted house in the basement of the Union. Something about creepy nineteen year olds jumping out from dark corners does not really scream “terrifying.”

Reality: The next time you enter a “circus room” as the idiot in hot pink bunny ears, be sure to hide your fear of colorful men in bright red noses, otherwise the second you scream “I HATE CLOWNS” you will be chased down into the next room and need to double-check to make sure you did not pee your pants. Mad props, freshmen.

All in all, this year’s Crimson Nightmare obviously had a ton of work put into it. Complete with the traditional Photo Booth, a room for Tarot Card reading and snakes and spiders, it was a wicked addition to this season’s festivities. 

Don't make this ginger snap... just kidding. I'm usually pretty nice. I am a happy-go-lucky, Avril Lavigne lovin' and poodle obsessed San Diego girl. I think I'v been handling the cold weather pretty well! Communication is my degree of choice, although maybe someday I'll be a world reknown astrologer... One last thing: I'm pretty sarcastic. 
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