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Color Therapy: The Return of the Coloring Book

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

Many of us received some awesome gifts from Christmas such as a supply basket full of goodies (namely, laundry soap), maybe a cozy blanket, but the 2015 gift of the year, was coloring books. These aren’t the coloring books that you got when you were a child, even though you still feel somewhat of the same excitement. No, these are the coloring books for adults that have been all the rage because of their impact on reducing stress and promoting relaxation. I, myself, had received a few and not only did I find myself intrigued, but also saw how it impacted my mood. These coloring books have not only impacted myself but thousands. Here might be some reasons why:

1. Unique Designs

Each coloring book has a specific theme and within that are so many designs! None are the same! They have ones to cater to specific personalities such as themes based off Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney, animals, gardens, and anything you can possibly think of. 

2. Inner Child

Many of us have forgotten what it’s like to be a child and what it means to let your mind wander. These books help assist you in remembering what it felt like to color without having a reason to and simply letting your mind relax. I don’t know why we ever stopped coloring in schools in the first place. 

3. Therapeutic

Many will scoff at the idea of a coloring book being therapeutic. But, I dare you to just sit down and try just one page of coloring. You’ll get lost in the designs and soon enough you’ll forget why you were stressed or upset in the first place. It may be because coloring doesn’t require you to put too much thought into it, it’s simply automatic. Towards the end of your coloring you can take a step back and actually admire your creation, it gives you the freedom to be proud of yourself, which many of us need to do!

4. So Many Books

If you just google “adult coloring books” you will get a ton of results and all of them are unique. The variety lets all types of individuals to try it out, not just one. Therefore, you should go find your personal coloring book that makes you excited to start coloring. Or if your relatives picked out one that is not your forte, go exchange!

5. New

It’s something new and different to try out. Whether you’re an art freak like me and simply love all things art or you just want something to try that you never have before, these coloring books are something that many should try at least once. 

6.  They Take Your Mind Off Things

I found that when I became overwhelmed with the start of the new semester, that if I just colored in my book, I became calmer about the idea of having another five months of work overload.  When you’re becoming crazed because of the homework you have to do, take a break and grab a coloring book.

7. A Unique Idea of Therapy

These coloring books have really opened many to the idea that there are unique ways to help with basic mental disorders, like depression. These books do not require much from the individual, therefore, it is taxing. You’re not getting drilled on how you’re feeling, you’re simply just doing something that takes your mind off of other things. This is not to say that these will cure a disorder, simply that certain unique therapies can help, even in small ways.

Happy Coloring, collegiettes!

Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor