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Journ Beauty Founder
Journ Beauty Founder
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Color Correcting with Journ Beauty

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

Imagine you have a white wall filled with tiny red spots, and your goal is to make the wall completely white. How would you do this? You could repaint it over and over with white paint, but after a while the wall would look cakey. Cakey is a term most commonly used in the makeup industry and it usually means that you’ve applied too much makeup and now your skin looks “painted” on. The other way to make the wall look white and smooth is through color correcting. Color correcting is a technique used to cancel out hyperpigmentation, acne, acne scars, dark circles, and minimize wrinkles and pores over time. If any of these things bother you while putting on makeup, this one’s for you!

This simple technique uses complementary colors and counteracts the color of the skin issues that you’re dealing with. Think back to the red, spotty wall — and think about using green. Sound ridiculous? Well, green is in fact opposite of red on the color wheel, and it will counteract the redness of acne, rosacea, and sunburn on your skin. And for those pesky dark circles that you’re stuck with after writing a 10 page paper all night? Just add a touch of peach/orange and look again — I don’t see any dark circles now!

I suffer from cystic acne, and it’s gotten worse in the last two years. I’ve always loved makeup but hated how many layers of foundation and concealer I had to use to cover it. Color correcting, though, was a game changer. It’s a method that is not only effective, it’s also lightweight on your skin and will help you to achieve a flawless look.

Once I discovered this technique, I stumbled upon the many color correctors on the market. I did worry that this method could potentially cause more acne. After all, it would be on my skin all day underneath my makeup. I did a lot of research, but no brand appeared to have natural color correctors. That is until I came across Journ Beauty. Started by the beautiful, friendly, and incredibly smart Sara Shah and her husband Mir Anwar with the sole purpose of healing while covering, Journ is the product you’re looking for. 

Journ Beauty Cofounders
Photo by Mir Anwar

She had dealt with cystic acne her whole life, and being a lawyer meant wearing makeup everyday and having to hide her scars. She was tired of her time consuming skincare routine and the inability to achieve a natural makeup look. In our busy day to day lives, trying to go through a ten step skincare regimen and then taking an hour to do makeup is simply out of the question. But then I found out about Journ. Journ’s color correctors have two-in-one hybrid functionality and they are efficacious enough to help with skin issues while concealing like regular makeup.

When I received my Journ box, I was amazed to see the packaging. It was filled with press flowers and had the most luxurious fragrance. Each bottle is carefully curated to include natural ingredients like Hibiscus, Seaweed, Matcha, White lily, Kukui Nut, Noni, Grapefruit, Blueberry, and Daisies! Each bottle also has a unique name like Marrakesh — inspired by Sara’s trip to Morocco where she learned about how blends of spices could help clear your skin. 

Journ Beauty Product
Photo by Anisha Sisodia
Sara’s mission is to help you with your personal skin journey, in hopes of resulting in you feeling beautiful in your own skin. In this age of photoshop and beauty filters, Journ can help you to achieve a no filter, flawless look. Believe me, your skin will thank you. 

You can take your own skin quiz on Journ’s website to get a personalized bottle of color correctors at https://ourjourn.com/


Sasha is a Computer Science major, and a psychology and an entrepreneurship minor at the University of Utah. She is an avid activist for women in STEM, and serves as a STEM Ambassador for the Governor's office. This year she has pledged to be involved in the most clubs possible, and make the most out of her quarantine. She loves to read, sing, dance, workout, try makeup looks, experiment with skincare products, and most of all write poetry!
Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor