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Cheapest, Cutest, and Easiest Dessert Recipe Ever!

I am obsessed with anything in a mug. For one, it is the perfect personal size! Or you could make a few and share them (see bottom of article for date night variation). They are incredibly easy as well as affordable. I bought a large bag of marshmallows and box of generic graham crackers both for under $2. They will not only serve their purpose for many mug cake toppings but will also come in handy during hot cocoa season.


Mug Cakes are also the best type of way to eat cake because they are IN A MUG! Which means you can justify getting that adorable anthropology mug. Even if it is from the DI you will need a larger mug. So pick yourself out a couple of cute ones my friends because I am sure you will make this multiple times.


I buy the Shirley J Mugging cake mix from any Smiths

Follow the directions on the back of the mug cake packet


Chocolate (or Vanilla) Smore

1 packet of Chocolate Truffle cake, my roommate did old-fashioned yellow cake


1 Recess Peanut Butter Cup (optional)

Mini marshmallows

Graham Cracker

  • I like adding peanut butter to about any dessert so this is optional. Place one or two recess on top of cake batter
  • If you like gooey marshmallows, put a layer of mini marshmallows over cake batter and bake for 5 extra seconds.
  • If you like more roasted marshmallows, take out the mug cake 5-10 seconds early and place a layer of marshmallows on top and continue to bake.


  • Sprinkle crushed up graham cracker bits on top, I personally do some smaller and larger pieces but this can be based off of preference.



Vanilla Pomegranate

1 packet of Vanilla Mug Cake


1 pomegranate

Optional toppings: graham crackers, whipped cream, salted caramel ice-cream

  • Add a handful of pomegranate to cake batter
  • Bake as directed
  • Top off with remaining pomegranate as well as any additional toppings


Chocolate brownie Cookie Butter

1 packet of Chocolate Brownie Mug Cake


Trader Joe’s cookie butter

Trader Joe’s cookie butter ice cream

  • Add Trader Joe’s cookie butter to cake batter
  • Top with Trader Joe’s cookie butter ice cream


I hope you enjoy mug cakes as much as I do and become as creative as possible with your personal variations! Thanks for reading!

*Date Night Variation

You can make all three cakes in one night and turn a lame night into a date night! Go to the DI and pick each other’s mugs out. I personally love the fact that (a boy of mine) has a mug that looks like it is from the 1920’s in his cupboard. You can decide who makes what flavor, or make them together. Let’s be real, kissing cake batter off each other’s noses, fingers and lips is honestly the only reason we would want to bake together, and I guess the eating part. When finished baking, snuggle up and try each flavor of cake.


Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Krissi attends the University of Utah studying to become a journalist. When she is not doing school work, she is a part time makeup artist, full time animal lover and spends any moment she can outside. (She especially loves outdoor malls.) She quotes: "Writing is one of the most beautiful ways to express ourselves and I could not be more thrilled to be apart of Her Campus!"
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