Campus Cutie: Connor Nipper

Meet Connor

A newbie to the University of Utah, but born and raised in Salt Lake City!  Connor is a freshman that has loved his experience so far. He has enjoyed trying to get as involved as possible while keeping his GPA high! He loves to do anything outside, volunteer, spend time with his friends and family (who luckily are only fifteen minutes away) and obviously read Her Campus.

Name: Connor Nipper

Age: 19

Hometown:  Salt Lake City

Graduation Year: 2019

Major: Probably Architecture.

Relationship Status:  Taken

Describe yourself in three words:  quiet, funny, and indecisive…because I can’t think of another word.

Favorite food: Chicken (he said immediately)

Favorite Colors:  Red, obviously.

Three things you cannot live without:  air, food and water- next question please.

What is your guilty pleasure TV Show:  How I Met your Mother

Who is your celeb crush:  Cameron Diaz quickly followed by Jennifer Anniston

What is your dream job:  Rally Car Driver

Pet Peeves:  Slow drivers, hash tags, and when people text and drive!  

Top item on your bucket list: To go to every National Park in the country!

Campus Life

Things you are involved in:  Kappa Sigma fraternity, volunteering, and the Boxing Club team.  

Favorite thing about the U: Utah Football and the soft serve ice cream machine at the HC

Favorite U of U memory:  Sitting in the MUSS!

Favorite class:  American Institutions with Bruce!

Class you are not looking forward to:  All the math classes that are required for my major. 

Best study spot:  My hammock! 

Favorite place to eat on campus:  Jamba Juice

One thing you wish you would’ve known before your freshmen year:  That the freshman 15 is really real. 

Dating Life

Biggest turn on: Girls who are sassy.  

Biggest turn off: Girls who try to flirt by being rude.

Deal breakers:  Wearing socks and sandals.

Best place to find girls:  The Row

What do you look for in a girl:  A girl who's nice to everyone, laughs at my jokes, and it doesn’t hurt if she’s good looking. 

Describe your ideal date: Backpacking!

Best pick up line:  “Oh you dropped something?”  And then she says "What’s that?" “Your standards…. hi I’m Connor.” 

Girl trend you hate and don’t understand:  Ugg boots…ugg is short for ugly.  

U of U girls are the best because...they are smart, pretty and outdoorsy! 

Thanks for being our Campus Cutie this week Connor!