Buzzfeed Quizzes Have Gone Downhill

BuzzFeed is known for their quizzes. You can ask just about anybody and they will tell you that they have taken multiple BuzzFeed quizzes for a multitude of reasons. For the most part, these quizzes are pretty good. I mean, nobody really takes them seriously, but they are entertaining and that’s the whole point of them. We take them to get a little bit of insight into the person we are, even if they are less than accurate; we take them to reinforce the beliefs we already have for ourselves. In all honest, we don’t take these kinds of quizzes for the truth, we just want to be told what we want to hear. We also take them because they are silly and fun. Now with that being said, the quality of BuzzFeed quizzes has gone downhill in the last few months. They still have  the classics, the “your zodiac sign tells you which T.V. character you are” and the “can you answer these ten questions about disney princesses?” but lately Buzzfeed has taken it upon themselves to enter an entirely new level of irrelevant.

These articles are just getting silly with titles like “take a trip to the grocery store and we’ll tell you your age”, “build a tinder profile and we’ll tell you your exact age and height”, and my personal favorite “take a bath and we’ll guess your age and relationship status." Yes, those are actual quizzes that can be found on the BuzzFeed website. I know that all quizzes like these are arbitrary that is the fun of it, but these are downright ridiculous. We take Buzzfeed quizzes to pretend we are learning new things about ourselves even though we know that they aren't true and that you can’t really find anything about your inner self by answering a series of random questions, but we like to make believe that we can. With guessing things like age and height you leave a lot of room for getting things wrong and it sort of breaks the whole illusion. Imagine your horoscope not being vague enough for you to apply your own life to it... you would probably stop reading it. I know that sound like a total buzz kill, ruining the fun of BuzzFeed quizzes by overanalyzing them, but I really do love them and I know that they can do better.

If you are a like me and think BuzzFeed quizzes have gone slightly downhill and think you could do better, use This link to create some awesome quizzes of your own!