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Bumps and Bruises – A Guide to Gore Makeup

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

If you’re bored of cutesy and pretty costumes, here are three scary looks made to turn heads.

Off With your Head! (Cuts)

Supplies: toilet paper, eyelash glue, foundation, black eyeliner pencil, red clay paint/ costume makeup, brush for paint, sponge, fake blood.  


  1. Rip 1 toilet paper square into 2 finger width strips. Then roll strips into thinner strips

2. Cover the smaller strips in foundation, but don’t worry about completely covering because the blood will cover up any white spots.

3. Line the TP with eyelash glue like a fake eyelash) and stick 2 onto neck pinky width apart. Press to neck until dry.

4. Fill in the center of the two rolls with black eyeliner pencil.

5. Fill in with red paint/costume makeup, and mix in more black to deepen the pigment. Then Dap the rough sponge (usually black) into red paint and blot around the neck and on the cut to create a splatter effect.

6. Drip fake blood into cut and have drops coming down onto the neck. And you are finished!


Late night Study Accident! (Pencil through Nose)

Supplies: toilet paper (TP), eyelash glue, red and black costume paint, a pencil broken in half, sponge, and fake blood


  1. Start with a full face of makeup if desired.
  2. Cut pencil in half (seen in supplies photo)
  3. Wrap TP on the bottom half of the pencil with the eraser and size in nose to fit comfortably.
  1. When it is comfortable glue TP to pencil and let dry.
  2. When dry place in nostril.  

3. Then with the other part of the pencil, wrap TP around the cut part and align the pencil to the bottom half. Do this on the bridge of nose and partial forehead.

4. When set, glue to face and add TP to secure the pencil

5. When secure, add red and black paint to cover TP (black around pencil and red everywhere else). Also, don’t forget to paint bottom nostril and the pencil parts that would have blood on them due to the injury.

6. Finally, add fake blood to parts that would bleed, and you are done!


7:30am Class (Zombie)

Supplies: red/ black/ green clay paint/ costume makeup, brush for paint, soft and hard sponge, blue/red/ purple makeup crayons, deep purple eyeshadow, fake blood  


  1. Draw veins with the crayons on the cheek with source coming from 1 point (I choose the neck)

2. Blot black/green/ red makeup over veins to dull the veins, but still have them visible.

3. Add the deep purple on eye area.

4. Add white to face to create a pale look, and add a drop of fake blood under nose to finish off the look.  

Have a Spooky and Creative Halloween!

Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor