Brother. “Volume II”: Album Review

Brother. is a four-piece band based out of Provo, Utah. This group has been producing music since 2016, and as the title would suggest, “Volume II” is the band’s second album. Brother. released “Volume II,” on November 10th, 2018 as a follow up to “Volume I” from 2016.

As a self-described “indie rock band,” Brother.’s music tends to be slower-paced with captivating lyrics and instrumentals. Their songs are smooth, easy to listen to, and melodic.

Currently, Brother. doesn’t have any upcoming shows announced, but they keep all of their followers updated on their various social media platforms and through their website. I had the chance to see Brother. perform at Kilby Court over the summer, and I fell in love with their slower, more relaxing songs. I typically prefer going to concerts that are more upbeat and lively but seeing Brother. helped me appreciate the beauty of seeing bands perform songs that are slower-paced.

“Volume II” opens with the track, “Blunders.” This song combines a medium pace with Brother.’s unique, light and airy vocals. As an introduction to the album, or even as an introductory track to listening to Brother., this song is representative of the intriguing combination of rock and indie genres that the band has created.

Overall, I would say that this album is a successful representation of Brother.’s specific sound as there aren’t any tracks that immediately stand out as stylistically different from the others. The album never feels repetitive, but the solidified musical style helps this band feel familiar after only a few listens.

“Volume II” closes with the track, “Too Late.” This track serves as a beautiful closing track as it is slightly slower, yet the steady instrumentals and light vocals coupled with some elements from the rock genre provide an encapsulation of the Brother. sound.

Here are a couple of my favorite lyrics from the album:

  • “Start to feel that you’re not alright” - Greys
  • “We’re all out of time/ back to 1985” – 1 9 8 5

My favorite songs from the album are “Outside” and “Without It.”

As compared with “Volume I,” the second album is slightly more upbeat and light. Although both albums fit to cohesively form Brother.’s sound, this second album incorporates more elements that help to establish the band as a rock group, rather than just an indie band. But, if you have the chance, I recommend you listen to both albums as both are excellent pieces.

I would classify Brother.’s music as dreamy, light, and inviting.

If you want to look into similar artists, I’d recommend that you check out The Solarists, Peach Pit, The Happy Fits, and Boy Pablo.

Overall, I would give “Volume II” 4.5/5 stars.

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